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From the quiet cobblestone streets of Marais, the Nathalie agency keeps beaming out those blue chip beauties, without fail every season. A year ago, in our last Paris Market Report OTM tracked the breakout of MVP’s like Olga Sherer and Kinee. This season, with its killer New Faces divison locked and loaded, look out for Natahlie to launch another fleet of stars. Margaryta for one, is already in prime position for a Paris Fashion Week sweep. Stay tuned!

Olga Sherer

Alexandra Tomlinson

Linda Vojtova

Kinee Diouf

Patricia Schmid

Anya Martirosov

Amanda Lopes

Lioka T

Ines C

Lakshini Menon

Julia Frauche

Anna Kuchkina

Anne Watanabe

Mariya Markina

Martha Hunt

Jourdan Dunn

Melody Woodin

Patricia Locks

Danielle Hamm

Dasha Malygina

Reese R

Yulia Kanova

Sveta Egorova

Omahira M

Mariana Idzkowska

Anna Iaryn

Andi Muise

Tanya Chubko

Valerya P

Maria Host

Grace Cairns

Maria Kashleva

Thais Hans

Ira Gorban

Yulia Egorova

Ilona Subotinaite

Margaryta Senchylo

Britni Stanwood

Maria Host

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» View all Agencies Show Packages here

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