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The Marilyn agency towers like a monument over Paris and is a testament to what shrewd management mixed with warmth and consideration can do a girl’s career. Home to the cool girls, ranging from Kate to Irina, Marilyn boasts some seriously stellar talent. Destined for the best catwalks of Paris are fixtures like Coco Rocha, Julia Stegner and Lily Donaldson as well as the latest burst of blue chip babes like Angelika, Masha Novoselova, and Siri Tollerod. Goddesses all, much like the agency’s founder!


Ai Tominaga

Ali Stephens

Alona Losnitska

Angelica Sulzbach

Angelika Kocheva

Barbara Garcia

Behati Prinsloo

Caroline Trentini

Cintia Dicker

Coco Rocha

Courtney Smerski

Diana Kloskowski

Edythe Hughes

Elaine Kenny

Emina Cunmulaj

Erin Heatherton

Gersand Coudyser

Han Hye Jin

Helena Sopar

Holly Hayden

Iekeliene Stange

Irina Lazareanu

Jana Flototto

Julia Dunstall

Julia Stegner

Karlie Kloss

Kat Shandruk

Kelly Kopen

Kristina Almanova

Lily Cole

Lily Donaldson

Lisa Cant

Louise Van de Vorst

Margaret Peppey

Maria Rakusova

Masha Novoselova

Megan McNierney

Shannan Click

Simona McIntyre

Siri Tollerod

Tamara Wiggers

Tatiana Lyadochkina

Tatyana Usova

Tetyana Brazhnyk

Claudia Seiler

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  1. Courtney says:

    she is the most beautiful girl i have ever seen!!

  2. Fa says:

    The “Smartest” top model!!!

  3. rosi says:

    i know her.

  4. gabrelle says:

    ILOVE THIS GIRL! i want to be like her

  5. Heather Metcalf Skelton says:

    Not only is she BEAUTIFUL, she is BRILLIANT, and VERY TALENTED!!!

  6. egzona says:

    eminaa you are very beatiful and you are very talendet. amina ti je shum e bukur edhe e menqur edhe tii em pelqen tper pershum arsye amanjera prej tyre edhet se je shqiptare

  7. lira says:

    hey emina je shum e bukur veq vazhdo

  8. Jardel Sousa says:

    amooooooooon ela!

  9. elias says:

    simplement I love you.I`m from argentina.this picture don`t like,but…

  10. felipe says:

    i from brazil and I never see a girl like that…she is the most beatiful girl of world…..really perfect

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