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September 9th, 2010 by Janelle | Fashion Week, Girls, Model News
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As the single biggest fashion event to ever hit New York, the Fashion’s Night Out show was more than just another runway gig; it was history in the making. Combining over a hundred of the best models on the planet handpicked by casting star John Pfeiffer, with clothing from every designer worth knowing, the mammoth undertaking captured the spirit of NYC’s vibrant fashion scene and gave it a larger than life platform. As the debut of fashion’s new home at Lincoln Center the show took on an even greater importance as a sign of things to come this season. For a window into the incredible goings on and a bird’s eye view of the backstage scene see our exclusive pictures, only in MDX.

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» View our complete Fashion Week coverage here

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  1. renan says:

    love gisele……

  2. Victor C says:

    love gisele…… [2]


  3. conchal says:

    Gisele . ÜBER model forever . unique !!
    love , love , love !!

  4. PeterModelObsessed says:

    John P. You are indeed the best in the business!

    Imagine the power to say yes or nah to the most beautiful women in the world!

    BTW, Natalia looks so focused and Gisele looks intimidated….

  5. luana says:

    gisele my favorite model
    an I love dressed by marchesa

  6. luana says:

    gisele n 1 of world

  7. manny says:

    Gisele looks intimidated? Don’t think so, it’s Gisele. Natalia has not reached the heights that Gisele has reached!

  8. nikov says:

    Gisele, la belle!

    The last supermodel! N 1, forever!

  9. Ágnes says:

    Its not Natalia next to Giselle! Its Barbara Palvin :)

  10. Tangent Magazine says:

    The Tangent Team went to Sydney’s first Vogue Fashion Night Out despite the horrible rain!

    So many great events and gorgeous women out and about.

    Love the Tangent Team


  11. fire says:

    Im sorry Peter??? I dont think Gisele would ever feel intimidated by other model, she has her own place very clear, and that’s number 1… not a proper comment…

  12. edgar says:

    thats barbara palvin it’s not natalia……and Gisele looks friendly not intimidated

  13. Drew says:

    That’s not Natalia. It’s Barbara Palvin. She’s going to be huge.

  14. Julia says:

    Gisele linda *-*
    Pra mim ela vai sempre a n°1 do mundo ♥
    Essa chegou no topo onde todas sonham em chegar !

  15. Gustavo Ford says:

    Gisele sem dúvidas é a melhor top do mundo *-*
    love gisele…… [3]

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