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  1. GOLDIE says:

    Love VNY Package! Incredible girls. Such an amazing range. This petite zodiac showcard package is ALL MIGHTY!

  2. GOLDIE says:

    ANIK! ANIK! ANIK! Clients take notice! She is a superstar!

  3. Fashionwoman says:

    Emily, Anik, Natalia O. These girls really stand out from these cards. My fave is Anik though :)

  4. Ryo says:


  5. Michele says:

    Anik!!! you’re looking beautiful..!!

  6. Pat says:

    Anik, Fantastic…..You are looking amazing

  7. Leslie Roberts says:

    Anik, You are lovely!!!

  8. Sam says:

    i really like Shona!

  9. fashionista says:

    nice package, great girls!

  10. Ida Karuka says:

    Anik and Shona. . . incredible! VNY Models are hot. First the guys and now the girls. . .wow!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Kate Kondas doesn’t have a showcard?

  12. fashiongirlie says:

    Their girl’s look GREAT! Young, fresh and WOWOWWWWW!

  13. Modelwatcher says:

    Nice lineup of young and fresh faced beauties. The female roster at VNY is really developing! Girls like Anik, Anastasia S, Natalia O, and Raschelle will shine this season. BRAVO!

  14. fashiongirlie says:


  15. Miriyam says:

    WOW i just love shona and raschelle STUNNNING!!!

  16. LeAnne says:

    Anik! Fascinating!

  17. Wonderful says:

    simply wonderful..

  18. http://www.karllagerfeld.com says:

    Rashelle very good Anastasia very good Anik the rising star !!!


  19. 44scout says:

    Love Raschelle – but where are the stunning girls from last year? Kate? Kristina B? Alecta? Eline? and Anna B? Package would be stronger with these girls….did they leave VNY?

  20. Modelwatcher says:

    Anik! Amazing!!

  21. alieneye says:

    Natali O, I love you!

  22. Monique says:

    Wonderful Anik, you’re a star!

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