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Her name is Allegra and she is a new American beauty docked at IMG,  hitting the New Faces circuit in NYC for the first time. She looks like no other girl on the market right this minute and carries with her a spirit of gentle elegance that renders her rare beauty even more precious.

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  1. estmulleady says:

    she is great …..amazing face

  2. D. says:

    yes! lets see more.

  3. Miya says:

    This is what beautiful is! I can’t wait to see Allegra Summerfield in all the magazines. Which campaign will she do first???

  4. Kirk says:

    This girl is unbelievable. Such a refreshing change to the normal, cookie-cutter beauty that we see far too much of. She’s got a completely unique look, she’s absolutely stunning, and she exudes confidence. To whomever found her, I say thank you.

  5. The Editor says:


  6. Ting says:

    Hey! It’s Allegra! Hi Allegra!!!!!

  7. Tangent Magazine says:

    She has a very young, boyish looks. Very innocent and playful.

    Hope to see more of her in the future


    Love the Tangent Team


  8. PR says:

    a great change!

  9. jake says:

    a thread on her just opened on tfs and there is the most beautiful test shot of her.. im an instant fan of this girl

  10. Mango says:


  11. mary b says:

    I know from personal experience that Allegra is as beautiful and unique on the inside as she is on the outside. I love you baby

  12. Jakey Onassis says:

    So Proud Of Her! Break The Mold In Modeling! :D

  13. alegra says:

    her name is great

  14. Hollywood Sentinel says:

    great look
    will be interesting to see her shot well with a wig and make up

  15. a fan says:

    Some amazing shots of her around-particularly a few on fashion spot. The polaroids here do NOT do her justice-she is incredible

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