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  1. tag says:

    New face Erik V is one to watch. This kid has the face, the cool and the walk.

  2. legz says:

    Love this!!!

  3. Tomas says:

    Wowwwwww he is amazing, where is he from?i remember he walks Givenchy in Paris fw!

  4. Yorgo says:

    Great Show Package. Best I’ve ever seen.
    Guys look amazing and love design, especially the way the personalities are able to show through. Like a window into the man.
    Love the photographs. Why isn’t the photographer credited? Who is it???? We’ve got to know!!!

  5. Christa says:

    Images are AMAZING….thanks to…The photographer Stefani Pappas!!!! WOW

  6. Franklin Rutz says:

    The photograph is Stefani Pappas…she have a amazing talent!!!
    -for Tomas:Brazilian!

  7. Yelena says:

    The photographer is Stefani Pappas. It’s on the credits page. She’s amazing.

  8. riseltan says:

    OMG! Elia Cometti!!!

  9. olesya says:

    very! very nice!!!!

  10. Rosemary says:

    Wow!Photos couldn’t be more perfect. Amazing.

  11. Chantal says:

    Absolutely brilliant! Genius photography & lovely boys. Good job Request.

  12. Pam Hein says:

    Love u Frank!
    Sucesso, sempre! =]

  13. Franck Yann says:

    Je kiffff bcp cool Vivement Chatassssss mdrrrrr bsx a toi carlito de la Martinique

  14. Gordio says:

    I like Chris W.s’ tattoo, very lovely boy.

  15. cok says:

    loving guido! speechless

  16. bbak says:

    love this!!!

  17. Rodney says:

    REMI all the way! Looking good kid!

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