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  1. nico says:

    Conceptually much cooler than Fords ,sort of cool

  2. Fx says:

    Very cool, who’s Jana k??

  3. kenny says:

    marcelina sowa! so grown up :D

  4. carmen palumbo says:

    very cool , best show package by far !!!!!!!!

  5. Mea Culpa says:

    Love this package!
    some great girls there too…
    Olga never gets old… and I’m hoping Romana does well this season.

  6. la says:

    I agree, the best package so far!

  7. PR says:

    This show-package is by far the best one
    the only one that show creativity so far
    NY models; we expect only the best this season

  8. Antonio Barros says:

    Wooow! very pretty images! Gorgeous girls!


  9. Petey says:

    Great show package , i love the concept, the girls in their natural beauty with the glamour of their image in the background. Olga, Patricia, Sigrid and jeneil really stand out. Poster is also a great idea.

    Well done NYMM.

  10. Little Dutch Boy says:

    The dutch invasion continues at NY Models, Patricia, Ylonka, Melissa T and now Martine & Myrthe !! These girls are great. i cant wait to see them on the runway.

  11. Laura says:

    Great idea… and execution is spot on. Agree with Petey about the images and girls.

  12. INGON says:

    Cooool vibe!

  13. sunshine says:

    no Shanina :(

  14. fashionista says:

    great package. great girls. i like sedene.

  15. Josh says:

    BEAUTIFUL PACKAGE, MODERN AND COOL.. love the poster of the new faces.

  16. Ali G says:

    Love the package!! Concept is great. Can’t wait to see Jeneil W on the runway

  17. Ali G says:

    Sedene looks flawless!!!!

  18. Queen of Mayhem says:

    WOW! I didn’t really like how everything was set up in the video, but these are GREAT!!

  19. James Von James says:

    Most cool and exceptionally seriously wonderfully amazingly well executed. The art direction on this is very very new world.This presentation is fabulous, NY models have scored with this. It’s a two thumbs up, two snaps and a circle!! They have taken a risk with design and it works!!
    3 words fan tas tic!

  20. KEIRA says:

    Just the same as Just WM in Paris last season… :-0 ahahah!!!

  21. Realness says:

    Just WM = photoshop …

  22. Star says:

    Marlena is great, this kid has a bright future.

  23. Hollywood Sentinel says:

    beautiful models

  24. Lisa says:

    Love love love! How do I see the plexi-glass box?? It sounds amaaaaazing! Love Marcelina here – congrats to New York Models for delivering such a killer show pack this year! No one else could pull this off and it rocks!!

  25. Jaz says:

    Jeneil rocks !!!!!!!!!!!!!! cover star….

  26. Alexis says:

    Love these. The typeface for the measurements is super cool–really intuitive design.

  27. BitNa says:

    Love the concept! Wish I could see the whole tangible package as well. Great job James!

  28. Fabrice says:

    @Realness :

    Justwm : Actually a better Photoshop than this one…
    Come on, no projection over the girls !?

    But WM must be proud to inspire like that lol

  29. Altheaa says:

    Trés magnifique James!! I love the projections, night shots and natural settings……the girls are stunning.

  30. Sean Ashcroft says:

    Really intelligent work.

  31. dustin lee says:

    Can’t believe James used the city as a canvas. Real Brave Work! Nice Ads!

  32. Adrian says:

    Wow beautiful concept!! And Juana Burga and Olga Sherer are stunning!!

  33. mooch says:

    kevin and james are really on fire

  34. Ida Karuka says:

    This Package is entertaining! Great idea! Great Girls!

  35. Bari Claster says:

    Wow. What incredible, innovative ideas from James. Not surprised with his fantastic work, as always

  36. Christina says:

    VERY chic and cool! Love the casual glamour conveyed by the shots. The girls look fabulous!

  37. Lindsay S says:

    Simply in awe of the talent in the way the creative message was conveyed. Fantastic how grunge is upscaled to a simplistic vibrant cool chic! and thats bloody difficult… just loved the whole process the shoot, the models the energy… one word sums this up STUNNING !!!

  38. John S says:

    looks incredible! i want one!

  39. aimhigh says:

    so very New York. Love the quote that feeds the creative. Clean type works well against heavy visual. Well done!

  40. intern says:

    Amazing show package, some of the best girls out there .. Love Olga P, saw her at a casting today.. Good job NYMM

  41. Antonin says:

    Juana Burga is just GORGEOUS!!!!!!

  42. Gold Star says:


  43. Pistil_Pete says:

    Gorgeous aesthetic; dripping urban sexy…..
    Nicely done!

  44. Laurentiu says:

    (you should’ve been there : )


  45. BG says:

    Nicely done!

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