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  1. Tom says:

    Very Jamie Reid / Sex pistols.. Nice boys

  2. ramir says:

    i love matthew coatsworth her’s got the best eyes ever

  3. ramir says:

    i mean he’s i’m so sorry i hope he walks in new york fashion week

  4. Hollywood Sentinel says:

    god save the queen, we mean it man! we love our queen…god saaaaaaaaaaves!

  5. redraisin says:

    Danny and Oskar are fantastic.
    btw,Why does Lawrence Stiers change his name to Larry?lol

  6. Josh says:

    These guys are just plain hot! They are not skinny boy versions of the female models today. I like my guys hot, and my girls high fashion.

  7. Josh says:

    and Mario Loncarski is the hottest!!

  8. redgonewild says:

    love the cards very Weberesque.

  9. fashionista says:

    the cards are a bit distracting. too many words not enough emphasis on the looks of the models. I’ll stick with Simon N, Chad, and Arthur. No Justin Halley?

  10. S A L Marquez Jr. says:

    N A T E gill = WOW !

  11. S A L Marquez Jr. says:

    C H R I S brew = YES!

  12. Anette says:

    Simon N is possibly one of the most beautiful guys I have ever seen…

    Roger F has a great look and I love the edgy/classic combination of Mitchell B

  13. sarah brook says:

    nate gill, chad white, chris b, simion … in love=)

  14. gio' gio' says:

    Ilove it…………

  15. gio' gio' says:

    Ilike Andreas Preti,one of the most beautiful guys:D

  16. Keith Hernandez says:


  17. Stefani says:

    The guy from Austria is amazingggggggg.. the best

  18. gio' gio' says:

    italian guy is amazinggggg=Super-Top-Model.like Andrea Preti..

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