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It is hard to push the show package concept to the limit, but every season we’re amazed by the level of creativity that goes into them, with competition fiercer than ever and everyone vying to stand out agencies have been going the extra mile. This time around, New York Model Management takes their package into the future with a presentation that combines image projection and a mini-film of their live shoot. Using Manhattan’s gritty streets as a backdrop, images of each model were projected onto the walls as she posed, making for a shoot that is unique and true to the spirit of the agency itself. For a preview of the process and behind the scenes a look at NYMM beauties like Melissa Tammerijn and Jeneil Williams, check out our exclusive video preview above.

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  1. carmen palumbo says:

    fantastic!!!! new york models a step ahead of the rest….

  2. model lover says:

    Video is so cool! Cant wait to see their show package

  3. donald says:

    It’s funny how much energy agencies put in their show packages, I think this is a great idea, can’t wait to see the cards

  4. Peter says:

    OMG !!! this is great, love the whole concept.. Well done New York Models.

  5. Maja says:

    Every season show packages just get more and more crazy however i must say i like this, great energy and feeling, i love that you can get a feel for each girl. Will be interesting to see how it looks in print.

  6. Michael says:

    just wow

  7. pony ryder says:

    CRAZY good

  8. Tom says:

    Love this film, can’t wait to see the show pack.

  9. fasshionV says:

    Looks good!

  10. Jak says:

    WOW !! Thats cool.. Love Olga Sherer

  11. debby j says:

    AMAZING…awsomme video and the show pack will be beautiful. That is James Bernard in the tank top? The print will be beautiful if he did it like the creative direction here. Doug and Fabian have used him when they want it to be right.

  12. MODELS AND STYLE says:
  13. Leo says:

    AMAZING !!!

  14. Taylor S says:

    No, I think that’s James Von in the tank top.

  15. Tangent Magazine says:

    What an amazing concept!

    Installation modeling, Tangent wants a piece of this!


    Love the Tangent Team

  16. Matt S says:

    Always a bonus to see the process behind the finished work.

  17. Joal says:

    crazy amazing!

  18. mooch says:


  19. Lindsay S says:

    Creativity is an elusive quality, and james you have it in spades..Fantastic piece, if only I could invest in your creativity..he muses. Well done, you are a master craftsman and a great fountain of creativity.. keep up the work

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