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The name says it all – DNA Models, the men on their board have the kind of looks that simply cannot be duplicated, it’s in their genes. The era of cookie cutter models is over and DNA serves up a succinct and elegant package with one of a kind male beauties, boys like Dominique Hollington and Stas Svetlichnyy look like no one else and it is this sense of individualism that makes DNA great. These are the guys you’re sure to see on every runway that matters so be sure to pay attention to their tried and tested stars as well as the incredible new faces.

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Josh Beech

Dominique Hollington

Marcel Castenmiller

Axel Brorson

Charlie Westerberg

Christopher Landon

Mark Cox

Kadeem Fisher

Peter Bruder

Taras Koltun

George Barnett

Sam Whitman

William Dane

Alex Cunha

Vincent Dienst

Michael Smoley

Michael Elmquist

Rob Rae

James Hampson

Wes Philips

Clinton Jorgensen

Philip Huang

Alex Loomans

Miles Garber

Gabe Byer

Mitch Norris

Lasse Pedersen

Stas Svetlichnyy

Luca Vigorelli

Dorian Cobb

Nils Lawton

Grayson Vaughan

Matt Loewen

Corey Saucier

James Neate

Herman Hanekamp

Will Defiel

Guntars Asmanis

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» View all Agencies Show Packages here

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  1. Josh says:

    Guntar is really pretty, like in a Sean O’pry way. I think he will do very well this season, and I better see Corey Saucier in a cK underwear ad this season(please)!!

  2. daniel says:

    beautiful hand

  3. FROGPAD says:

    Once again DNA has an amazing package and amazing guys.
    ect..to many great faces.

  4. crater says:

    oh hey taylor h

  5. redgonewild says:

    Totally agree with what Josh says. Guntars is major.
    Frogpad well spoken.

  6. redgonewild says:

    love Taras card the best. Great headshot. Frogpad right on.

  7. coco says:

    Where R the MEN!!!!!!!??????? Shy babies…

  8. coco says:

    and where is Nils Butler and Andrew smith ????

  9. julie in accounting says:

    Mitch has the coolest look…

  10. fashion_fiend says:

    Love James Hampson!!

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