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  1. Joe says:

    why are they scrunching their faces and stuff in their showcards? Isn’t the point so you can see the face and how they look on camera?

  2. IS THIS IT? models review says:

    My fav here is absolutely Anna Trosko; even if I can hardly recognize her in the show card… but you know – things that (unfortunately) happen.


  3. crybaby says:

    Joe: I don’t see what you mean? they don’t seem to be scrunching their faces at all..

    I like it, clean, sexy and fun, not trashy at all.

  4. PonyRyder says:


  5. KS says:

    nude package! luuurvvvv

  6. RStar says:

    How could you ever choose?! Perfect, all of them. <3

  7. Antonio Barros says:
  8. Dick Hardman says:

    Best showpackage ever.

  9. modelsandstyle says:

    omg everybody is nude :D well something different…


  10. Human says:

    my favorite is Vala :)))

  11. dancing amazon says:

    sooooo beautiful..but too nude…

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