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July 6th, 2010 by wayne | Model News
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Shirley Mallmanfor Wish Magazine by Gui Paganini

After surfacing on the Sao Paulo Fashion Week radar, Shirley Mallman has seen a great wave of new interest washing her way. As this tear from Wish magazine and these fresh new polaroids from Way testify, Ms Mallman is clearly as flawless as ever.

Shirley Mallman. Polaroids courtesy of Way Brazil.

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  1. Paulo says:

    just love her …
    the real brazilian top model

  2. Chungkit says:

    Shirley looks fantastic! She is one of the best and nicest models out there. What a treat it would be for her to come back in a big way…


  3. Carla says:

    I think she’s gorgeous!! And a great model.. versatile, Welcome Ms. Mallman!!

  4. Podestá says:

    Amazing!!! Very happy seeing her back!

  5. Chris says:

    luv, luv, luv her!!!!!

  6. Michael says:

    Brazilian Stam

  7. Igor says:

    She reminds me of Julianne Moore!

  8. Hollywood Sentinel says:

    interesting look, will be nice to see better images of her

  9. Maximus cruz says:

    good long time no see !just beautiful!

  10. Kaushik says:

    I like her eyes… though the photos are not that cool but there is a lot in the eyes.

  11. Vanessa Lippelt says:

    I just love Shirley! She’s the real brazilian top model! Absolutely stunning! Welcome back, Shirley!

  12. karrie says:

    it seems a lot of models coming back~

  13. gus magnago says:

    She is back, and she restarts at São Paulo Fashion Week.
    Alexandre Herchvcovitch presents her male collection using Shirley to open the catwalk. Yeah, its a male collection, Shirley can do it.


  14. kc says:

    she reminds me of lindsey lohan in her polaroids… especially in the 3. picture!!!

  15. stace says:

    Hasn’t changed a bit. That’s good.

  16. miriam says:

    strong face!

  17. Cañas says:


  18. Lily says:

    She’s as fierce as ever.

  19. Fernando Dias says:

    Shirley você é motivo de muito orgulho para todos nós brasileiros,a primeira de uma leva de meninas que levou o nome do nosso país para fora com muita dignidade.Nós que amamos a moda e você em especial, te desejamos toda sorte e que vá em frente devorando todos os trabalhos que importam na moda.Você é Linda,jovem,profissional…precisamos mais de sua beleza nos encontando,num momento onde as modelos estão sem gás tinha mesmo que ressurgir uma grande top!Sou seu fã!!!!!

  20. Marcos says:

    OMG, long life to gorgeous Shirley.
    Just so glad she is back and looking as great as ever.

  21. Fire says:

    I really feel emotional to see Shirley here again!! She is no doubt flawless, but also a great person! Welcome “back” Shirley ( for me, you never disappeared!!). xxx

  22. luana says:

    she’s so great topmodel

    viva la shilrey again

  23. Ricardo says:

    She is just amazing, very, very talent model.

  24. etroyo says:

    just so happy she’s been put back on the fashion map. i hope this comeback brings her the attention, heavyweight designers and campaigns… that she has always deserved. a sorte!

  25. jian says:

    wo xiang gan ta

  26. carola says:

    Brazilian Stam? Oh please, maybe Stam is the Canadian Shirley =) girl’s been around for ages and still looking as young as ever.

  27. poo says:

    She had (and no doubt has) the sexiest voice and a great demeanor. Glad to see she’s back.

  28. erica says:

    the top of the top of the top. pretty.

  29. ricardo says:

    legall tambem falar de outras brasileiras que estao retornando em grandes trabalhos : talytha pugliesi, fernanda tavares entre outras .

  30. Amir says:

    what a trimed body. fantastic curves. ansome figure

  31. Pedro says:

    Isso sim é uma Super Model.
    Parabens Shirley!!!!

  32. arya@baliweddingphotographerz.com says:

    strong face! and I love her eyes

  33. bird says:

    Not bad after two kids !!!!

  34. João says:


  35. TpC says:

    she looks amazing even on the polaroids!

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