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MGM Paris S/S 11 Fashion Week men show package
The Marilyn men’s board always has a tightly edited board for those casting directors seeking unique beauties for their runways. Baptiste Giabiconi may be their biggest star (and what a star he is), but the rest of the crew each bring their own singular charm to the table. Look for Clinton, Collin, Dan, Ethan and Frey as the next generation of runway requests.


Adam Refoufi

Alexandre Gaillot

Andrew Stetson

Antonin Jeanson

Baptiste Giabiconi

Boris Loeve


Collin Tennant

Dan Felton

David Asdrubal


Eddie Wrey

Ethan James

Fabian Pfenninger

Francois Verkerk

Frey Mudd

Hermann Nicoli

Hubert Rapisardi


Jason Poisson

Johan Goransson

Johan Johansson

Jorge Cayero

Josh Gray

Julen Levet Labry

Kaan Tilki


Leonardo Windlin

Levi Lomey

Louis Prades

Luis Borges

Magnus Alinder

Marc Cardona

Marlon Teixeira

Martin Cannavo

Max Panichetti

Michael Vinant

Michel Stachowicz

Moritz Garlich


Natan Machado

Niklas Hagen

Nils Lawton

Paul Alexandre

Pierre Barreda


Richie Cotterell

Robbie Morimoto

Roman Duvigneau

Sasha Lysenko


Sid Ellisdon

Theo Lacagne


Thomas Reynaud

Tony Babczyk

Victor Lacoste

Viggo Jonason

Zac Malone

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  1. Nelson says:

    Luis Borges is Portuguese :)

    And Kelvin Is Amazing!!!

  2. BaxrackstevaW says:

    I live for Sevy

  3. wendy-kristy says:
  4. TaraRayee says:

    love his look.

  5. TaraRayee says:

    ^Boris Loeve

  6. Suzy M. says:

    Theo Lacagne!

  7. franche' says:

    Beautiful show package!

  8. Abooda Palooza says:

    WAAAAAAAA!! i wanna have my hair like Magnus Alinder

  9. tyra says:

    Pierre Barreda !!!

  10. Vero says:

    David Asdrubal trop beau !!

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