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  1. Guilherme Model says:

    Only good Top Models!
    ; )

  2. Luca says:

    wow there are 3 great supermodels, Carmen Kass, Natasha Poly and Isabeli Fontana, wow, but other great model like Frida, Karmen, Alex Wek, Suvi^^

  3. Lily says:

    The next super model!

  4. PonyRyder says:

    the very top

  5. wendy-kristy says:

    absolutely beautiful models


  6. Antonio Barros says:
  7. Trickymaus says:

    Do they know that Alyona is a plus size for Ford now?????

  8. nelly says:

    @akis : How true!! There are 2-3 good shows in Berlin which can pay good rates at the models,the rest pay around 300 euro,so… how stupid is this,to see cards of models like Tatjana Patitz . Less is more..

  9. kanasa says:

    @Trickymaus i think they dont know that, because on the Mega-Website, Alyona has the same measurements like when she was skinny:

    height 5’11” | 180
    bust 33 | 84
    waist 23 | 58
    hips 34 | 86

    Now on Ford models she has
    bust 36
    waist 28
    hips 40

    i think its very funny:)

  10. marijo cobretti says:

    Lais Ribeiro by Marijo Cobretti
    (including Karmen Pedaru and Valerija Kelava)

  11. Susanna Mel says:

    Why isnt Anne Kristine Prühs, new face from Mega, not here?
    because shes beautiful and she has the right high??

  12. laura says:

    she is such a inspiration to dark skin models every where!!


  13. laura says:

    alek wek i meant..there all pretty but i wish there were more diversity on here..everywhere.


  14. adefemi adeokun says:

    nice edition.more black models should be celebrated and made supermodels.

  15. jecyane says:

    vc e lianda tambem qeria ser modelo mais n tenho oportunidade.tudo d bom pr vc!

  16. kim so jung says:


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