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Look no further than Fashion to find some of the sleekest faces of the new generation. Bolstered by runway kings Casey Taylor and Reid Prebenda, the two lead a pack of contenders, many of whom are destined to walk the best catwalks. Look for Isaac Carew, James Smith and Taras Koltun, with a season or 2 under their belts, to really break out this June. Three to keep an eye on? Frans, Harald and Xoan, all uniquely beautiful. What a plethora of incredible choices for the casting directors out there here at Fashion.

Alexander Kjellevik

Andre Ziehe

Andreas Nhor

Anthony Boike

Antonio Catalani

Ashley Smith

Brandon Wilson

Bruno Piedade

Casey Taylor

Chris Pulliam

Dan Murphy

David Horney

David Vega

Donny Ware

Eddie Wrey

Eric Belanger

Felipe Guerra

Francesco Brunetti

Frans Hagson

Frey Mudd

Guilherme Klopper

Harald Salin

Isaac Carew

Jake Hall

James Hampson

James Smith

Jason Poisson

Jerreth Ludwig

Jonatan Frenk

Jonathan, Kevin

Joseph Torbull

Julien Chanca

Julius Beckers


Leandro Lima

Linus Gustin

Luca Galgano

Lucas Mascarini

Magnus Alinder


Marcel C.

Mario Bonath

Marius Hordijk

Marlon Teixeira

Marshall Brockley

Michael Aaron

Michael Kroeber

Neti Lapidot

Nick Rae

Nils Lawton

Oliver Welton


Richie Cotterell

Robert Rae

Sean Uribe

Stefano Sala


Terron Woods


Tristan Knights


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» View all Agencies Show Packages here

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  1. Baby C says:

    All about Eddie and Isaac for me.

    Eddie is AMAZING!!!

    And so glad Isaac is now with Fashion.

    My favourite boys at Milan’s best agency.

  2. Wei says:

    Wowow Eddie W !!! xx

  3. susanna says:

    Mario B is great,very Matt Dillon,James Dean. LOVE

  4. AJ says:

    Sean Uribe, you well deserve that place. Best wishes in your experience. God Bless.

  5. kimdaniels says:

    Marshall is lovely and there are others that compliment the board.

  6. Mmmm says:

    i love the love for Eddie Wrey he gets hotter each season, he’ll have a hard time topping Jan but here’s hoping

  7. Ashley says:

    Never cut that hair, Antonio! Myo Mio

  8. Ashley says:

    Frans very Calvin Klein……natural

  9. wendy-kristy says:
  10. Lucas says:

    Marlon is The Best from Brazil!!!

  11. pen says:

    casey taylor FTW

  12. Berny says:

    Where is Francisco? I can’t see him :(

  13. Berny says:

    sorry i was mistaken

  14. peter says:

    Frans omg he is so maskuline and are so speciall

  15. ranya says:


  16. Adler Chalk says:

    Those cards are an odd tone for men.

  17. Abooda Palooza says:

    why are models have to be 6ft tall iam 5ft9 will i ever be a model:(

  18. Patrice says:

    C’est le message d’un frankly
    Tu est tout le sud !C’est ce charme que je respire en toi…

  19. Julianne says:

    I love David Horney :)) Swim with him during the winter, he’s amazing !

  20. lauryn says:

    I love Eddie Wrey, perfect male model!

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