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June 10th, 2010 by wayne | Model News
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Danielle Z. Image courtesy of Derek Dayley for IMG.

As one of the signature models of the 90’s Danielle Z’s brought a stark and graphic beauty to the pages of Harper’s Bazaar and US Vogue as well as every quintessential runway of that day, especially that of Helmut Lang. Now with a clutch of beautiful tears in Vogue Italia shot by Meisel expect Danielle to shine with extra appeal for the upcoming Spring 11 cycle of shows and campaigns.

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  1. Chungkit says:

    Danielle Z looks fantastic! Can’t wait to see her new Steven images! http://www.chungkitblog.wordpress.com

  2. Nádia says:

    INTENSE! She was unknown to me!!!


  3. rodney says:

    I’ve been gagging to do a story with her and Jacquelyn J……I would be dope!Always loved her!

  4. jason kanner says:

    One of my top fave girls. Meisel took some amazing photos of her back in the day…MAJOR

  5. W says:

    Love her face,
    definitely want to see more of her.


  6. Lily says:

    Omg… Danielle Zinaich. Oh wait, I see some eyes, nostrils and mouth, overexposure much?

  7. Wheezie Canala says:

    Oh dear lord you make me want to turn in my vagina and stop being a woman!!! Not fair that anyone should be so gorgeous! Hate you!!! (Just a bit mixed with a pinch of WV love) XOXOXO

  8. M says:

    jamie bochert?

  9. drew says:

    such a sweetheart…amazing to have her back after having her babies!

  10. jake says:

    kind of reminds me of cher if thats who youre thinking of.

  11. karrie says:

    danielle reminds me of maggie rizer,audrey marnay,esther canadas….very 90s~

  12. buci says:

    fantastic bone structure!
    strong look

  13. Lily says:

    Off topic. Please let us have a thread about the Delfine comeback.

  14. wendy-kristy says:

    WOW! I’m impressed


  15. carola says:

    Looking good, Danielle.. looks like she did 15 years ago, wtf!!

    Ahhh Delfine, she was my favorite model in the early 00’s.. and to this day I haven’t seen a model with a face like THAT, I could not stop looking at her pictures. Is she having a comeback?? I saw her somewhere not too long ago.. maybe a runway show or an agency book.

  16. salene says:

    danielle z- always gorgeous on the inside and out!!

  17. Gustavo says:

    Im not going to pretend i know each model that appears on this website (unlike some readers who think they´re the biggest fashion connoisseurs around), which is the case with Danielle Zinaich. But i took some minutes of my day to do a little research about her career and i was quite surprised to notice that she was THE ONE FACE i was curious about at the Givenchy Haute Couture presentation some seasons ago – i think it was fall 2009 -, and i just didnt check style.com to get to know her name. Now i consider myself a great admirer of her!

  18. Antonio Barros says:
  19. heyyall says:

    She looks like courtney cox

  20. carola says:

    More like Courteney Cox looks like her ;) I do believe Danielle was around before the Friends craze.

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