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Nathalie Models Paris Men fashion week S/S 11 show package

Nathalie jumpstarts the S/S 11 men’s shows with a simple and classic package that showcases their diversity of talent. From the ever elegant Armando Cabral to their deep bench of editorial stars like Berthold/Douglas/Philipp/Robbie/Tomek, the cards are filled with some of the most in demand faces of today. As for the newer models… keep an eye on Dejan, Keno, Mathieu and Rajeen. Who gets our vote for bringing a different sort of beauty to the catwalk? Shaun Ross who is headed for the first time to Europe for the shows. “Les hommes” de Nathalie look to be a sure winner in the runway trenches this coming month.

ShowPackage Opening

Armando Cabral

Balthazar Camus

Berthold Rothas

Blake Schaefering

Charles Cauchoix

Daisuke Ueda

Dan Van der Hoeven

Dejan Jovanovic

Dennis Johnson

Douglas Neitzke

Dustin Zegil

Elias Cafmeyer

Florent Megdoud

Florin Sopcu

Gabriel Perez

Gaspard Arnolin

Gen Huismans

Hadrien Bal

James Hampson

James Roffey

Jeremie Berthon

Jeremy Barrois

Julien Ferre

Keno Weidner

Libor Dusek

Mark Herron

Matthieu Feron


Miles Garber

Nicolas Berthery

Paul Hamy

Philip Bierbaum

Rajeen Pinazo

Ran Van -Ongevalle

Robbie Wadge

Sam Waldman

Scott Bourne

Shaun Ross

Shynia Tajima

Stanislas Boulain

Tait Hugues

Tomasz Ukleja

Tomek Szczukiecki

Valter Torsleff

Viktor Rankel

Voicu Sereda

Wenceslas Van Criekinge

Xoan Fernandez

Yohan Daverton

ShowPackage Closing

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  1. Marquis de Lannes says:

    Bonjour les garçons! (et merci a Nathalie models)


  2. Baby C says:

    This is out early!!!

  3. stace says:

    Shaun Ross is the most unique face on this board. In this pic he looks androgynous. I’m digging him, and I hope his career will grow.

  4. rockcandy says:

    I think Berthold and Xoan are my faves out of the bunch!!

  5. linda says:

    James Roffey going to rock the shows this season!

  6. kemi says:

    Oooh! Yeah I love Shaun the epitome of walking art!

  7. bmb says:

    shaun ross has a very unique look. is he represented in ny?


  8. Mark - Promotions Models says:

    Big fan of Florent. I think it might be time for manly men to make a comeback.

  9. Antonio Barros says:
  10. MDC_421465 says:

    Armando Cabral its Portuguese :)

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