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Kel/ Supreme Management Digitals courtesy of Supreme

Kel, Supreme’s prime contender in the new model sweepstakes is very ready for her close-up.  The 19 year old Florida native is in New York getting glossed and ready to see her first round of clients.  And it’s a jam packed request list too.


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  1. All about Models says:

    She’s breathing. Kels has this cute look and at the same time, you could imagine her on the runway. I like her

  2. ella says:

    Supreme’s got a star love her

  3. Shin says:

    She’s lovely! I can’t wait to see more of her! xoxoxoxo

  4. http://allaboutnewfaces.blogspot.com/ says:


  5. Casey says:

    Graceful and unassuming. She’s gorgeous, and she’s got this effortless look about her.

    Really beautiful.

  6. Marit says:

    She looks like Katarina Ivanovska, cool kid, I’m sure she’s a stunner in plain jeans and rough heels.

  7. Uni says:

    Kels is beautiful, she looks very classy.

  8. yuichi says:

    Her full name is Kel Markey, originally with Ford but she followed her agents to Supreme NY last March

  9. Kevin says:

    She’s from my home town of Gainesville! This girl is so fabulous!

  10. miriam says:

    lovely girl!!

  11. scott says:

    What a great girl for the new Supreme team to step out with. She may have been at Ford, but its great that Supreme is leading with her as a sort of definition of what they will be doing now. Cool, beautiful and BANKABLE! Go Kels!Go Supreme!

  12. Hope says:


  13. Mimi says:

    I knew she was special from the day she was born.

  14. noemilobato says:

    shes greeeeat!

  15. Iris says:

    She’s average.

  16. Carly says:

    Anything but average. She’s naturally stunning!

  17. DD says:

    AWSOME look. She is on the home page of the Calvin Klein website. Future looks bright!

  18. Sasha says:

    beautiful fresh look. nice piece on CK – definitely one to watch!

  19. kangjooyeong says:

    wow..~ you’re so beautiful~ ^v^

  20. nikesh says:

    attitude, presence of mind, beautiful eyes, body language lil low.

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