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Lais Ribeiro/Women Model Management Polaroids courtesy of Women NY

The Fall Winter 10 shows (and upcoming  round of edits and ads) has seen a remarkably high quality of Newcomers moving onto the market. And there was no girl quite as distinct as Miss Lais.  Ultra-new, line perfect and beautifully unique Ms Ribiero’s  turns for  Marc Jacobs, Givenchy, Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Versace, Dolce and Dior signals that her gorgeous body and inarguable beauty marks her as a classic model in the classic mould.

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  1. All about Models says:

    I’m glad, that Lais got still her feature her. She definitely deserve it. She’s fresh, cuter, than most of the new models and she’s amazing in print as on the runways. Her new snaps are very pretty

  2. Lily says:


  3. jade says:

    She is beautiful

  4. Nigel S. says:

    In by popular demand. It’s Lais for the win!

    This young lady is phenomenal. Yes, the body is so stunning.
    Her aura/slihouette = omnipresence in a most potent form.
    Money is written all over this lunar beauty.

  5. bianca says:


  6. OMG says:

    like the hair

  7. Tbyfashion says:

    She is so mercable , she must be here from the beggining

  8. brucegisele says:

    I loooove Lais…. She is going to be all over the place, love it. And she is a dark brazilian just like me, another Brazilian I could look up too…. Very proud of her! I smell Gucci, Raplh, D&G and Versus on this girl when the dust settles….

  9. PonyRyder says:

    definitely agree with nigel.
    Number One!

  10. Birthe says:

    Where’s she from?

  11. Neill says:

    Oh my god!!! Lais’ beauty renders me speechless. Is she latino or of African American descent. A real classic beauty that harks back to the era of Linda et al!! Brava!!!!

  12. larszz says:

    If Lais, then Ylonka Verheul.
    Prada, Fendi and others

  13. marijo cobretti says:

    Night Portrait from Lais at Gucci Fall Winter 2010/2011 in Milano

  14. Ricardo joão almeida pinto says:


  15. Ricardo joão almeida pinto says:

    Bafooo de novoooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  16. Alex says:

    Agree with Nigel and Pony Ryder!!!
    She’s amazing!!!!!!!

  17. ifedayo adegoke says:

    i like all the modelling councelling it is very nice you have nice pics and bloggs and emmoctions and you alsdo have
    a creative avater in your website love you a lot models am glad to mail you bye.

  18. http://allaboutnewfaces.blogspot.com/ says:
  19. Rafael says:

    She’s brazilian, Birthe. Brazil rules.

  20. jocler turmina says:

    NEO TOP from BRAZIL.
    i love….

  21. donna says:

    This girl rocked it at Proenza!!!

  22. Podestá says:

    Finally!!!!! she deserves a lot!!! Hope to see her in FW 10 ad campaings.

  23. betty says:

    She was always in contention, not put in by “popular demand”. She went back to Brazil and we are waiting for her to come back, hence the “Bonus” status. Once her English gets up to speed she will be unstoppable.


  24. Rafael says:

    and believe, she’s mom . AMAZING’

  25. Caio says:

    She’s BRAZILIAN!
    Yes, Brazil came back to the runway!
    Lais is so beautiful and she was at the best shows.
    Love her!

  26. Amarilla says:

    Beautiful skin and face

  27. lilywon says:

    she has very pretty kind peaceful eyes

  28. Nigel S. says:

    Ok..didn’t know my excitement for the lady would warrant correction..
    I could have easily been referencing her recent booking status and not the recent MDC poster fandom. I knew that Lais was surely in MDC queue in some fashion. Sorry if it seemed otherwise.

  29. Nigel S. says:

    -could have easily *had* been-

  30. Christine Gatchalian says:

    I’m shooting her tomorrow!
    So excited :)

  31. betty says:


    Your excitement for the young lady (and your frequent postings) are always appreciated.. Just wanted to let everyone know that we have thought for a while now that she is divine..


  32. Nigel S. says:

    Hello Betty.

    No worries. I sincerely hope that I didn’t come off as defensive/rude or anything of that nature.
    She certainly is divine. I can’t express just how much I’m looking forward to the great work surely in her future.

    Much love always to you and the MDC crew!

    Nigel S.

  33. Lorraine Cruz says:

    Go Laís!

  34. artsy says:

    cuuuuuuuute face and luv her hair color

  35. Ney Almeida says:

    Shes from my home town. She rocks.

  36. Rebeca Prado says:

    Arraasaa Laís! She’s amaziiiiing!!!!!

  37. Podestá says:

    A little bird told me that she will be in the next Gap campaign with Isabeli Fontana

  38. Mika says:

    She looks like Joan Smalls.

  39. Cañas says:


  40. Rafael says:

    Go Lais !

  41. Erico says:

    Good luck, Lais! You deserve it
    Brazilian girls/boys rules

  42. joy models says:

    i love lais..from joy models brazil.

  43. Ricardo dos Anjos says:


  44. Irakerly says:

    Ahaza Lais! Vc é linda! Muita Luz!

  45. Bruno says:

    Go Lais! You deserve it! I’m so proud of you.
    Incredible body and classic beauty!

  46. model_world says:

    Did you know she is the latest discovery of John Casablancas?
    We heard he was back… if true, that’s a good start!

  47. IsaDora says:

    Yes, Casablancas is back to the business! Real Supermodels is back very soon!

  48. Adrianito says:

    she has the eyes very separated for my taste!

  49. reyrey says:

    i have to dissagree with adrianito
    her eyes looks incredible something unique
    and different rock does pictures and
    runways =)

  50. ZoeMonae says:

    she has a very simple and plain face.
    but her face is also the type that you can transform to so many looks so easily.
    Brazilian? awesomee

  51. Leandro Richelly says:

    Laís é PIAUÍ BRASIL!

  52. ruggero says:

    troppo bella! bravissima

  53. Fashion says:

    nice look with loose hair and all, soft skin and a good model… i veiwed
    lots of fine models from your site..

  54. rocky says:

    u good

  55. Geórgia says:


  56. juliano PI says:

    Ahaza Lais! Parabens!

  57. Bailey says:

    What a stunning little beauty

  58. airsa says:

    beautiful she’s a mix of a caribean laten groove thats sexi!!!

  59. regina coeli rocha says:

    ela e belissima tem tudo pra ser uma futura gisele bington

  60. márcio Altino says:

    Lais brook yes you deserve this recognition, and a formidable person, splendid, bright, kisses her admirer márcio altino of Teresina Piaui.
    a warning to the world of fashion, the people of Piaui has a beauty and formidable might be the state in May of Brazil exporting new face of the world, a very important warning.
    come visit the largest open air museum of the world, is located:
    Capybara Mountain National Park – UNESCO World Heritage, park responsible for the worldwide recognition of the municipality Nonato for being the closest city with structural capacity to receive tourists.
    Museum of the American Man – Responsible for storage and display of historical finds and prehistoric National Park Serra da Capivara.
    laís ribeiro você merece sim esse reconhecimento, e uma pessoa
    formidavel, esplendida e iluminada, beijos do seu admirador márcio altino de teresina piaui.
    um aviso para o mundo da moda, as pessoas do piaui tem uma beleza formidavel e pode ser o maio estado do brasil exportador de new face do mundo, um aviso muito importante.
    venham conhecer o maior museu a céu aberto do mundo, fica localizado :
    Parque Nacional Serra da Capivara – Patrimônio Mundial da UNESCO, parque responsável pelo reconhecimento mundial do município São Raimundo Nonato por ser o município mais próxima com capacidade estrutural para receber os turistas.
    Museu do Homem Americano – Responsável pelo armazenamento e exibição dos achados históricos e pré-históricos do Parque Nacional Serra da Capivara.

  61. Davido says:

    Very fresh look!!!

  62. Dário Barroso says:

    Yea!! A new top model girl Brazilian!
    She’s Piauiense!! I’m too, and com fé em Deus um dia estarei aqui também.
    Bjus Lais Ribeiro. Continua firme e forte que essa é sua!!!!

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