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Yuliana/WM Model Management , Marilyn Agency Image courtesy of WM

The opening slot at Givenchy doesn’t always convert into a boom of editorial and campaign bookings but for Yuliana Dementyeva her debut as Girl 1 for the Fall 10 show certainly is generating heavy duty buzz in the industry. But then Yuliana’s chameleon ability puts her in a very good position to take her classic beauty across a wide range of editorial platforms. Beauty with strength is always that sure sell.

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  1. All about Models says:

    Yuliana is a very natural beauty. She’s very fresh and classical. I really can imagine her in editoria + ads.

  2. polis says:

    she is so so beauty !!! love you

  3. Thomas says:

    She’s amazing ;)

  4. cellero says:

    perfect….any more photos?

  5. Elise says:

    She looks a bit like Natasha Poly.

  6. wilsonsj says:

    except for joan and tati, all newcomers are blonde, pale, thin. i think everyone is beautiful, but so is variety.

  7. Trix Mendez says:

    Another good find by WM! Future>


  8. Serge says:

    Hi, I am manager of Russian models
    Let’s write your request to me and I will send more info and foots,
    See http://www.face.ru and model name is Svetlana Arkhangelskaja (in russian)

  9. Robert says:


  10. Adrianito says:

    I like her she looks very Russian

  11. Mathieu J. says:

    LOVE :)

  12. Bailey says:

    She is gorgeous she has it factor and the edginess in her face that modeling scouts lap up ohh breathtakingly pretty

  13. Sari says:

    Underbart vacker!

  14. Adler Chalk says:

    not amazing

  15. Sergey says:

    in one word… she is just Perfect

  16. undiscovered yet says:


  17. Eva says:

    she’s pregnant now(you can see pics of her belly on tfs)

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