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Alex Dunstan looking quite dapper at Wintle . PH. George Harvey for MODELS.com

Mr Dustan had a smash season opening and closing the last Burberry men’s extravaganza while cutting a swath during  London Fashion Week FW 10. As one of the fast rising editorial forces of the moment OTM asked London based photographer George Harvey to capture the effortless cool that seems to swirl around Alex during his gigs in London.


A directional look proves that Mr Dunstan has versatility


Alex with his scout Jane Duval and model Harry Gilliam


Going through the  runway paces


Alex (right) and fellow model George Barnett.


Backstage introspection


A steady drizzle, a Union Jack and good looking lads on a mission.


Alex gets buttoned up


Best blue steel now!


Glossed and slicked


Alex and Robbie Wadge.


A good model is always minty fresh.


Partners  in crime, Alex, Charlie France and George Barnett


Dramatic appearance  at Wintle

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» View our complete Fashion Week coverage here

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  1. // says:

    oh god he so good looking

  2. Casey says:

    Wish there was a video to go with this.

  3. ModelWatch says:

    wow! Model of the month… Model of the year… !!!

  4. mephist says:

    he is gorgeous:)

  5. hamilton says:


  6. gise says:

    photogenic. in person, regular-looking enough to be an actor. could work to his advantage.

  7. All about Models says:

    He’s truthful gorgeous. I like him

  8. LL cool J says:

    such amazing photos!

  9. Mango says:

    I like him.

  10. Catharina P says:

    i really like him!!

  11. Gabbie says:

    yaya Alex is the best!!!!! XDD

  12. fendi says:

    he is the male version of kate moss. amazing

  13. jason says:

    Pretty average looking. Nothing great by any means.

  14. LeeO. says:

    This is great, he’s one of a kind

  15. Mario says:

    Another amazing face to come from Select… He’s truly beautiful, I look forward to watching the rise of this boy and would not be surprised if he crosses over to the big screen. Keep them coming Select!

  16. allan says:

    A good model

  17. 0_0 says:

    well,so pround of him

  18. Alexandra says:

    great photos!x

  19. Chloe says:

    That wasn’t alex dunstan opening the wintle show, that was james smith!

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