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March 2nd, 2010 by Janelle | Fashion Week, Model News, Trends Posts
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Capes are typically the stuff of superheroes and vampires, but for the past few seasons they’ve been popping up all over the runways. Fall is the perfect time for trying out a new outwear trend, but is this a look best left to the catwalk professionals? Let us know which cape + model combo you like best and whether or not you’ll be giving this unique look a try.

Jeneil Williams at Matthew Williamson | Kate Kosushkina at 3.1 Phillip Lim


Veroniek Gielkins at Y-3 | Sigrid Agren at Salvatore Ferragamo


Hanne Gaby at Carolina Herrera | Natasha Poly at Alexander Wang


Marcel Castenmiller at Ann Demeulemeester | At John Galliano

Image Credit | All images NYMag.com

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  1. Mike says:

    Salvatore Ferragamo and Carolina Herrera for the win. Alexander Wang’s piece looks like a tailored Sumo Suit.

  2. alejandro says:

    !Sigrid! Love the whole look and her face—flawless as always.

  3. Jessica says:

    Sigrid with Ferragamo, and Marcel with Galliano. I’d definetely wear both.

  4. R says:

    Sigrid Agren at Salvatore Ferragamo. Ferragamo presented a great collection.

  5. AJP says:

    Sigrid looks amazing!

  6. Gxx says:

    Sigrid is the face of the future …… bye Natasha , Anja and Raquel !!!

  7. All about Models says:

    Sigrid looks gorgeous same with Kate K

  8. matt damon says:

    natasha poly at alexander wang.

  9. The Zohan says:

    hate it

  10. Birthe says:

    Sigrid and Ferragamo ;) Like most people here

  11. Queen of Mayhem says:

    Of course! I LOVE capes!

  12. Paula says:

    Salvatore Ferragamo wins the cape look.

  13. Kate R. says:

    Woohoo) i’m in love with the ferragamo outfit!) Especially boots) ‘ve got to get theeeeem!)

  14. Arthur B says:

    Salvatore Ferragamo

  15. Nicholas says:

    Kate in 3.1 Phillip Lim, Marcel in John Galliano, and Sigrid in Salvatore Ferragamo.

  16. simplylovely says:

    Love Carolina Herrera!

  17. viki says:

    yay this is the outfit Ive couldnt look at without irritation occuration
    so far
    maybe one day
    though it looks nice on Marcel

  18. Ashley says:

    Galiano. I will not be wearing it as I am a woman but tres chic! MMMmm.

  19. ShaniliaB says:

    sigrid and jenile are the faces that caught my eye when scrolling down. LOVE YOU SIGRID AND JENILE FOR JAMACIA BABYY!

  20. Tangentmag.com says:

    Capes add class and sophistication x


  21. athena says:

    Kate K looks amazing

  22. Chloe says:

    So dramatic,if i HAVE to choose,then i choose Sigrid.

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