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The most exciting thing about Paris Fashion Week is that the most exclusive designers in the world are always looking to up the stakes. The astute casting director would be wise to consider TREND’S by Metropolitan to find the freshest new faces to come on the scene. With stunners like Aida, Ieva and Ramona TREND’S is sure to cause a stir this season.

Cover Trends

Aida A

Alina D

Anja P

Camelia R

Daria M

Ekaterina D

Evelina T

Ieva A

Kazue I

Luisa Josephine W

Lydia B

Monica S

Paloma D

Ramona C

Sarah D

Sinara B

Tanya P

Tatiana G

Xenia T

Xu Chao Z

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  1. All about Models says:

    Evelina looks very pretty. So far my fave from the package

  2. Eamon says:

    Xu Chao Z looks great!

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