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February 25th, 2010 by Janelle | Fashion Week, Trends Posts
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Another day, another questionable trend straight from the runways: fur has been absolutely everywhere this season and even the most casual designers are experimenting with fuzzy textures. Fur is inherently taboo, but fur boots also tend to be  tacky once you take them off the ski slopes. Designers as diverse as D&G, Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors, are pushing this trend but is it something you can see yourself in? Tell us who worked the look and whether or not you’re feeling it.

Sophie Srej and Rasa Zukauskaite in D&G

Frida Gustavsson in Ralph Lauren | Aleksandra Tsyganenko in J. Mendel

Detail shots of the boots at Ralph


Lindsey Wixson in Zac Posen | Mirte Maas in Michael Kors

All images courtesy of Style.com

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  1. Devon says:


  2. frank says:

    i really like the second of D&G

  3. Ryo says:

    I think fur on the feet is cute. My favourite look though have been this look from D&G men’s show FW05


  4. Emily says:

    I would imagine these smell like wet dog if they are worn in the rain or get wet at all.

    Perhaps its a good thing, you will smell someone in these monstrosities before you see them, so you will be prepared.

  5. Bob Ross says:

    I am against fur in all its forms and I don’t like how designers are bringing it back this season. I understand that it is supposed to mean luxury but I think there are many other fabrics that are luxurious without harming animals.

  6. Ana says:

    If it is cruelty free faux fur, yay! If not, then nay.

  7. alejandro says:

    Fur = death!!!. j/k…fur is soft, warm and fabulous! Mirte looks tres hot!

  8. modellobello says:


  9. Jimmy says:

    I think the european designers are going to take a more unconventional approach to the trend, I love on they look on the D&G girls, those are probably the most successful so far, but at Zac Posen they looked straigth up ridiculous


  10. modellobello says:


  11. Tiffany says:

    I like the boots in the Ralph Lauren Show.

  12. viki says:

    fur is for those who can kill and excoriate that animal themselves
    hundreads of years ago fur was a mean of sustenance, nowdays just needless cruelty

  13. All about Models says:

    Maybe I’m the only, but I don’t get this shoe trend

  14. Zoe says:

    I like the Ralph Lauren & Mendel boots, very cute.

    And please, here we go with the anti-fur nuts. if you’re against fur as cruelty to animals then why don’t you also complain about leather? Or eating beef, chicken, etc.. are they not cute enough to care about?

  15. Matthew says:

    Girls + Fur Boots = HOT

    I love them all.

  16. franche' says:

    I like the j.mendel look the best.

  17. Catherine says:

    “And please, here we go with the anti-fur nuts. if you’re against fur as cruelty to animals then why don’t you also complain about leather? Or eating beef, chicken, etc.. are they not cute enough to care about?”


  18. jessica says:

    I think it’s a hot trend when done tastefully a la Michael, Ralph and Giles. FYI Ralph is using lamb shearling which, like leather, is an agricultural byproduct, instead of fur

  19. Joe says:

    D&G is rocking this trend! Beautiful

  20. ashtyn says:

    I dont eat meat, and dont wear excessive leather.
    Fur is still wastefull because I dont see anyone eating a fox, other than the foxes in cages waiting to be sent to their deaths..

  21. Carlos says:

    All this desingers, are very talented… it’s a shame they can’t find a new proposition… they could try to use new materials, something more exiting than FUR… there’s to much suffering around the world, we don’t need to use a material that involves pain, just because desingers have run out of ideas… They have become predictable… or preatty-terrible… there’s nothing genious about using fur as a sign of luxury

  22. tangentmag.com says:

    Tangent is loving this trend

  23. Sigrún says:

    I love furry boots, but I prefer just a trim. None of these really strike me – but I have absolutely fallen for the fluffy hand warmer Aleksandra Tsyganenko is wearing!

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