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Michael Kors‘ F/W 10 scored a massive hit doing what the brand does best; luxurious, expensive pieces perfect for that very aspirational Michael Kors lifestyle. A delicious tactile treat doesn’t even begin to describe the collection. The furs were bigger, the knits chunkier, the leathers more distressed than a WWII war hero’s jacket; the evening wear was red carpet ready with long trains perfect for the Oscars which are just around the corner. Keeping it all in check was the calming color palette of camels, creams, greys and olives punctuated with the burnt sienna leather accessories. Aspen, Park City and Vail, here we come.

Photos by Betty for models.com

Grayson Gettys is a young Robert Redford in this look.

Julija Steponaviciute is a “step” above the rest.

Alex Cunha and Max Motta make charcoal sexy.

Karlie Kloss, we love.

Terron Wood, Simon Nessman, Taylor Fuchs. I’ll take 1 of Terron, 1 of Simon and 1 of Taylor.

Kelli Lumi is angelic in larger than life fur.

MK’s vision for fall/winter 2010.

Anna Selezneva makes even a simple knit hat look like it belongs on the slopes of Gstaad.

Anja Rubik poses for a photographer with the Daily.

Constance Jablonski wears the fur purse oh so well.

We love Heidi Mount who is perfect in Kors.

Yulia Kharlapanova admires the wonderful sweater.

Kasia Struss, looking like a living Oscar statuette is a star!

Designer: Michael Kors
Casting: John Pfeiffer
Stylist: Brana Wolf
Hair: Orlando Pita
Makeup: Dick Page

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» View our complete Fashion Week coverage here

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  1. gise says:

    love the casting. the make-up is aging the girls tho…

  2. All about Models says:

    Yulia + Anna look so cute in these shots

  3. Mango says:

    Kasia looks devine!

  4. wendy-kristy says:
  5. antwan says:

    kloss is amazing.

    and of course the make-up is aging the girls…it’s Michael Kors..

  6. Michael says:

    the mode boys look so good backstage!

  7. jason kanner says:

    Simon opening is EPIC

  8. Julie Dowd says:

    No ethnicity?

  9. epuk says:

    no noah :(

  10. Ivona says:

    Karlie Kloss is amazing!

  11. jason says:

    Who all were the models in the show? I only see certain ones here.

  12. betty says:

    There were people of color.. check Style.com, http://www.style.com/fashionshows/complete/F2010RTW-MKORS, Catwalking.com. Noah was there (for all you Noah lovers); for people of color; Armando, Joan Smalls, Lais Ribeiro, Chanel, Liu Wen, Tao. MK is a totally inclusive show with always fantastic casting by the lovely John Pfeiffer. We edit the pics; the pics have to either show the clothes well, the models well or have something fun or different to say about the backstage.


  13. Austin says:


  14. Austin says:


  15. betty says:

    To see the show, go to the link I posted above Backstage is just a taste of real human beings wearing the clothes, and not the posed shots on the runway, consider backstage an appetizer for the main course. For all clothes and models, Style.com, Catwalking.com, WWD.com should have the full run of show.


  16. Allie says:

    Interesting…why aren’t there any ethnic models anywhere?
    I am honestly tired and bored of blue eyes blonde hair.
    Can someone please spice things up with someone exotic?..

    (I only see channel, on the corner)

  17. Parker Pembroke-Lloyd says:

    Nice buch.
    Allie, read up, Betty’s entry explains it!
    Don’t jump to conclusion before informing yourself properly.

  18. Ashley says:

    Terron, Simon and Taylor….the New “Rat Pack”….get them on film NOW!


  19. Jovi Monreve says:

    i see Simon Nessman…

  20. Tangentmag.com says:

    Kasia Struss’ dress is pure gold. What a stunner x


  21. Erika says:

    have seen woman with orange face and white hands?…lol…
    pic № 2 :D

  22. Alan Li says:

    I really like the fit of the mens trousers, I really want a pair myself!

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