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Nevs F/W 10 Women Show Package is filled with girls possessing that special spark that makes models great. These ladies may be new but they’ve got the right stuff, stunners like Juliana Aneli and Lucy Jaques are sure to make their mark in London.


Elena Fernandes

Emily Andrews

Erin B


Juliana Aneli

Karen R

Katerina Davydova

Lucy Jaques

Lydia K


Stefanie Kusstatscher

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  1. tony long says:

    great to see mountaha! :)

  2. Mmmm says:

    cool pack but Lydia K is the standout here

  3. All about Models says:
  4. Drew says:

    Lydia K = Legend!!

    Allllways look forward to shooting with her!

    some strong (and beautiful) shots here!

  5. Baby C says:


    I’m really impressed by this. Nevs are known as a commercial agency but I’d heard things were going to be different this season.

    These girls are fashion all the way. Abella, Karen R, Katerina D all rock and Lydia K is something special, she has a hint of Iekeliene or Alla about her.

    Nice work.

  6. Lulu says:

    I’ve been following you for a while great pictures.
    Lovely to see you doing so well. I’m a great fan. So pretty. :)

    and I disagree with MMmm. I’D give you an award. :*

  7. Alex says:

    Sexy photos!!

  8. Anka says:

    Shes so nice Girl…
    I Like it very much:

  9. Joe says:

    Hey sexy :D
    Lovely photos!

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