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  1. AYA says:

    very cool package, Union are hot right now, they have the best girls

  2. Mmmm says:

    milly simmonds !! there’s a superstar in the making

  3. All about Models says:

    Very boutique. Great faces – promising shows, can’t wait

  4. Baby C says:

    It’s quality not quantity at Union.

    Only 16 girls but everyone is a stunner!!!

    Loving Alla, Martha, Sedene and especially Milly she looks like the new Lily D!!!

  5. Jackie says:

    Cecile is amazing!

  6. Lemiu Flo says:

    mirte maas.
    cecile sinclair
    patricia van der vliet
    lotte tuinstra
    melissa tammerijn

    all Dutch girls.. the Dutch rock!

  7. kate smith says:

    Aussie Annaleise just stunning

  8. aya says:

    Melissa did a Calvin Klein exclusive !!!!! major for her 1st season ever

  9. Drew says:

    absolutely stunning, what a face!!

  10. Uitamoto says:

    milly simmonds has a very bright future ahead of her, a very unique and beautiful face!

  11. Poly Ester says:

    Milly Milly Milly


    a simple but crucial affirmation.

  12. ap says:

    Very cool show pack !!! i like it. Sedene is cool

  13. AYA says:


  14. Ellie says:

    Milly simmonds-the next Kate moss! She has such a beautiful, striking and diverse face: she’s a model from head to toe-hopefully one with an extremely successful career ahead of her. Not only that, but she’s without a doubt one of the nicest, kind-hearted girls you’ll ever meet!

  15. Lou Lou says:

    She is so destined for big things. Vogue.com have just done an interview with her and check out the pictures of her on the catwalk. http://www.vogue.co.uk/news/daily/110325-milly-simmonds-model-profile-interv.aspx

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