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  1. Jennifer Spiegel says:

    Absolutely amazing! This is my favorite show package of the season. It has the perfect blend of sexiness, edge, and fashion, and really stands out from the rest. I applaud Wilhelmina for taking such a bold leap forward, and I predict a very successful season for them. congratulations to all involved in its production!

  2. stace says:


  3. Samira says:

    Great package, but I miss Mallory Richards :( Anyway Marike looks good and many other too

  4. Antonio Barros says:

    Nicole and Marike are fabulous!!! I want to see them in Paris!


  5. Mango says:

    I love it!

  6. C.P. says:

    Does it bother anyone else that underage minors, are being portrayed in S&M bondage gear. I am all for originality and artistic expression but this is neither. It is irresponsible, and it comes at a cost to the kids who are being exploiting in this piece.



  7. Mark says:

    As I was flicking through the package. I was thinking the same thing as C.P. I Did not find this package
    creative nor exciting it just showed little girls in adult suggestive positions. If I was a parent of one of
    these children I question the taste value of what is being presented here.

  8. Honore says:

    Nathaline is simply stunning!! What a gorgeous girl I hope to see more of her! go Nathaline!!!

  9. JBaker says:

    What an amazing Pack… The Group of girls is simply stunning. Each girl brings something different to the table. They are sure to be making a strong presence on the runway, more so than ever before.

  10. Party Marty says:

    it’s a shame they left out some of their better girls and used these photos. wilhelmina is doing better than i feel this package reflects. i can understand wanting cohesiveness but probably would have been better to keep it simpler with styling and poses too…

  11. Arnold says:

    this is fabulous.stop hating

  12. Rebeca says:

    if any of these girls did a story like this for V mag or whatever would it be so scandalous and offensive then? Probably not. Get over it C.P and Mark.

    You’ve gotta give it to Wilhelmina that the package is hot.

  13. geoffrey says:

    Jonelle you are looking super fabulous….in general these girls are great…keep the dedicated work going girls

  14. Sophie says:

    wil hell yeah mina??

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