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  1. alvert says:

    victoria tuaz: gorgeous!!!!!!
    even more!!! terrific!

  2. . says:

    this is great!

  3. Samira says:
  4. Antonio Barros says:
  5. Kennedy says:

    Glad to see Natalie Hockey back! See is looking amazing!!!

  6. Rodney says:

    So glad to see Hye Park back in action!!!!

  7. RRRaul415 says:

    Holy cannoli! I’ll be interested to see how Ashley Smith is received…

  8. John Paul says:

    Congratulations are amazing Model’s. This is a great job. Wooow NICOLE and LUCCI are gorgeous.

  9. candie-o says:

    Nice show package. Trump put a lot of effort into showcasing the models. Great new girls. Especially loving Natalie!

  10. gio says:


  11. legz says:

    Love this package, gorgeous!

  12. Kimflorida says:

    Hye Park!!! Yeah!!

  13. Peter Mcdougals says:

    Love this package, loving Lucci and Nicole.

  14. Paul says:

    Ekat is back!

  15. ray says:

    go hye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. onetwo says:

    anais pouliot is amazing, shes the best.

  17. stace says:

    anna cleveland, spitting image of her mother, pat.

  18. trumancapote says:

    Ataui s simply a star… i shot with her 11 looks story n we made it in 300 shots.. i wish her all.. n what TRUMP did s really one the best presentation ever done …u dont need to try to hard as Supreme when u r confident as they r…amazing job guys

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