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  1. And says:


  2. Allie says:


  3. Talliadaze says:

    OMG Aiden!

  4. syssi says:

    He is the best and sexiest of all the guys and finally a macho…

  5. syssi says:

    Cute and young 15? HE is not a man yet…but he will be in a few years…

  6. syssi says:


  7. syssi says:

    James Dean look…he is cute..

  8. syssi says:

    Ivan is promising…and has real man look not girly…

  9. syssi says:

    he is fine…will need to work on the posing…

  10. syssi says:

    cute and promising…

  11. syssi says:

    cute and promising too.

  12. syssi says:

    Tom Cruise from the 80’s…

  13. syssi says:

    he looks like Johnny Depp…very promising make him look a man pls not a girl…

  14. syssi says:

    cute … he looks like actors from the 50’s and 60’s very sexy…

  15. syssi says:

    too young but funny, cute and very Irish look

  16. colin says:

    ethan is so hot.

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