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  1. J'adore says:

    Brandon is a star!

  2. babyface says:

    i live for request they give you total urban chic mixed with mainstream campaign models.
    total definition of model makers.

  3. AA says:

    Re-Quest Rock. They have the best casting of any agency I know. Every season the hottest boys.
    The rest cant keep up.

  4. B.P. says:

    Nice Looking Cards!

  5. facesof the world says:

    I really like this boutique agency. They have held up for a decade and accomplished great things and discovering great raw talent. They have had their times and couldnt be more proud of them in this moment. They are having a nice season and its well deserved.
    Wishing you a great fashion season and admiration for hard work.
    oh, and great work on Emily!! she is truely a new accomplished face and goes to show they can do it all.

  6. Jayson Keeling says:


  7. Party Marty says:

    best agency for men. except maybe dna

  8. Party Marty says:

    actually no, request is better than dna on second thought

  9. Happy Mumpitz says:

    Oscar, you rock!! Aleks looks fabulous!!!

  10. catchet says:

    grande kevoto te encontre jajaja

  11. mike says:


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