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DNA Models F/W 10 Women Show Package

DNA stays true to their classicism through thick and thin, precisely because classicism, always rendered with unerring taste is indelible to the DNA brand. As a result, the FW 10 cards present polished, pristine girls in beautifully composed black and white shots, stats positioned prominently to the right of the frame. The elegance of the DNA FW 10 packaging is the way it mixes the most wanted beauties of the board like Edita Vilkeviciute with freshly forged new stars like Anna de Rijk. The message? One taste, one standard for all the models… and it is unerring. Out of this consistency of line is bound to emerge a breaking girl (will it be Hind? Ilvie? Veroniek?) worthy of that DNA tradition.

Opening card

Ali Michael

Alina Ismailova

Ann Kenny

Anna De Rijk

Annemara Post

Donna Loos

Edita Vilkeviciute

Elsa Sylvan

Emma Maclaren

Hind Sahli

Ilvie Wittek

Kelli Lumi

Kim Noorda

Laura Blokhina

Lindsay Ellingson

Magdalena Frackowiak

Maryna Linchuk

Ping Hue

Sara Blomqvist

Siri Tollerod

Skye Stracke

Tara Gill

Tara Jean

Taryn Davidson

Tura Kenny

Veroniek Gielkens

Back of the card

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  1. alvert says:

    ilvie: gorgeous!!!!!!
    kelli: gorgeous!!!!!

  2. nat says:

    o wow! tara gill’s pic is just amazing.
    also love magdalena’s and maryna’s pics

  3. yes says:

    Its ping!!! DNA thumbs up!

  4. Tommy Fields says:

    Are you Tura and Ann twins? If so I can’t wait to see them on the runways..

  5. Tommy Fields says:

    Ping has two show cards.. Major and DNA I am confused???? Wait where is Nastasia Ohl? Something fishy is going on ..

  6. mark says:


  7. Kennedy says:

    Well, this is a lovely show package. I think Kelli’s hair was beautiful brown. Siri…hair too white, but of course so pretty. Overall great job, kudos to DNA. Great lineup. Love that Ali Michael is in!!!!

  8. weBBer says:

    Correction: Ping Hue is under DNA. I think? Theres something going on that we don’t know about. I kind of like it.

  9. Marquis de Lannes says:
  10. Marione says:

    Where is Raquel?

  11. Samira says:

    DNA Models has a nice package. I really wish Veronieck a lot of success, but where is Amanda Laine ?

  12. trumancapote says:

    i dont know who shot the image of Anna de rijk…but it looks like a caricature..poor NITEPORTER

  13. Paige says:

    Beautifully simple with focus on their natural beauty.

  14. bing bong says:

    nastasia waas dropped from dna

  15. Willbethere says:

    Where’s Amanda Laine?

  16. TpC says:

    she has the classic look of the 40s and 50s hollywood glamour girls

  17. MTC says:

    wow. ping is a hot property!! can you say agency catfight? lol…i smell lawsuits coming. I don’t blame DNA though. That’s why they are one of the best in the game… kudos to DNA. great coup!

  18. Party Marty says:


  19. jam says:

    sweet Ali,
    u wr looking awesome as me always.
    wish u all the best

  20. gooner4lyfe says:

    Oh, yes! Kim Noorda’s always a winner!

  21. Donald says:


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