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  1. ajne says:

    very cool. i love seeing agencies like ford and elite getting their edge back. can’t wait to see karlina!

  2. holly says:

    WOW. What a great package. I really love the new girls, especially Emma, their newest V contest winner. Charlen and Kelly look so cool and Jaquelyn’s card is a stunner! GO FORD!

  3. Samira says:

    Awesome! Stunning – love it + love FORD

  4. Patty says:

    Hi Rachel…
    Gorg… as usual…

  5. Liv says:

    Karlina and Nikole all the way.

    I hope Kelly can build on her European buzz, and Eleonora could be a dark horse, she looked great Dolce last season. Charlene is lovely as well. Lots of great new girls.

  6. paul says:

    i like marlena, she did well at couture. really a fresh and different mix of girls.

  7. NIGHTGOAT says:

    Love the video and song. Well done, Ford.

  8. lou says:

    wow, congrats chat!! Philippines is surely proud of you! :)

  9. GP says:

    wow astiggg..effortless excellent…

  10. jules says:

    fantastic and fabulous ford!!!
    again, great new girls – congrats!!!
    amelia, mariel, karlina, sadie
    my favorites, all fresh and stunning

  11. teddy says:

    you are pretty, awsome my dear charlene;

  12. yuichi says:

    Team Ford all the way! The most diverse agency in NY! Jacquelyn will sweep this season! and favorites like Chanel, Lakshmi, Kate & Hyoni will surely do well. Best of luck to Kelly, Cici, Emma & Mariel…and ofcourse the FSMOTW’10 winners: Karlina, Charlene, Isabelle & Olivia! :) Go Team!!! ^^

  13. raymond says:

    Charlene is HOT HOT HOT! Gorgeous girl*

  14. AriL says:

    LAKSHMI, Cici and Kelly <3 Too much beauty to handle ^^ Ford has an amazing board this season! Can’t wait to see these girls on every runway!

  15. daisy says:

    chat….the great performer i’ve ever seen in the ramp…

  16. lanie says:

    go CHATSKY! mwah… we love you…hehehe

  17. dai says:

    i like Charlene..wow she’s great! i love it when she ramp…

  18. mariz says:

    Ford Models are the Best…like Charlenne. fresh and young.

  19. len says:

    …Wow, Ford Models are always #1, like Charlene

  20. sha says:

    Ford Models are the best. Charlene is really amazingly beautiful inside out!! God bless you Charlene..

  21. daisy says:

    Charlene,you are amazingly a stunner with your looks and personality.
    GO Go GO.. Ford Models…

  22. pimpampoe says:

    does anybody know the soundtrack?

  23. NaNa says:


  24. Floreez Dianne says:

    ♥ We are so proud of you Chat! We love you (“,) go go go ♥

  25. Jon says:

    This package is beautiful!!! all attributable to the amazing team they have over there at Ford!

  26. Damien says:


    Yes, it’s a song by the Brooklyn group Chin Chin. Check out the track at the iTunes Store here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/appetite/id260213042?i=260213075

  27. jluc says:

    Lucia, Ariel, Cici, Karlina, and Charlene would surely be stunners. Nice lineup here.

  28. Netto says:

    where is Tayane Leão (Supermodel 2009)?

  29. ylm says:

    congratulations mariel!!!
    so glad to see you got a show card…finally!!!
    rock fashion week
    love you!!!

  30. Michelle says:

    So proud of you Mariel! Fabulous photos appears effortless!

  31. sandy says:

    great! so many strong girls! I look forward for FW

  32. aj says:

    SUPER! Love Isabelle Storck and Jaqueline J.

  33. gisee says:

    jacquelyn is simply class personified, and she has some company in that category within this ford f/w10 show package;most certainly with kate and chanel, but also with new faces olivia and kelly who exude the same level of grandeur. wonderful days in store for all.

  34. Remedios Bandong says:

    Wow! Hope all the ford models will go a long way especially Charlene! Good luck Chat!

  35. nina says:

    Chanel, Hyoni, Cassandra, Cini and Charlene are my favorites.

  36. Tangent Mag says:

    Love Love Love the selection! Congrats to all of you girls! Looking forward to seeing you in on tangentmag.com soon! x

  37. Jenniros says:

    I would love to see Charlene on the runaway! can’t wait to see her this fall 2010….Hope she will be given the chance to walk down the aisle to fame…or at least be known in the world just like Charo Ronquillo who was able to grab an opportunity here at FORD model mngt. CHARLENE, CHARLENE,CHARLENE is her name!and she’ll gonna make it!!God bless…….

  38. Jenniros says:

    I like their show package coz’ they don’t have to show off all their flesh just to sell their models!congrats!

  39. LUca says:

    Charlene, charlene you are runway queen! You have more than anyone to offer with beauty! You are the shinning star and everywhere in the world knows it Supermodel of the world! we love you.

  40. Antonio Barros says:
  41. Soraia says:

    Very beautiful models!!! Congratulations!!!

    Jessica is gorgeus!!! she is my favourite! she will always shine!!!

  42. nick says:

    LOVE Emma, Sadie, Isabelle and Charlene – yay for the new girls :) Emma was the V Magazine model search winner!!! Go girls!!

  43. Alexander O'man says:

    Congrats 4 da exelence of ur school

  44. quinn says:

    where is Flavia and where is Clara??

  45. nic godinez says:

    Chat is the most unique and beautiful. She can look be fierce or can be like an angel with her perfect features. You are amazing girl from the Philippines. Can’t wait to see you on all the runways and magazine covers.

  46. Tina Herrera says:

    Congrats Chat! See you on the runways of New York Fashion Week.

  47. Corito Paredes says:

    The Asian Invasion is here. Go Charlene!!!

  48. tj says:

    go charlene! fierce and filipina!

  49. Melba Arribas says:

    Be patient and find wisdom!!! All the best Charlene.

  50. Melba Arribas says:

    Be patient and find Wisdom… all the best!!! Congratulations to you and Ford

  51. yako reyes matsuda says:

    definitely the freshest of them all.great package..I love that all colors are represented…I LOVE CHARLENE!!!! GO CHARLENE!!!

  52. Carlo Bonoan says:

    Everyone heard Charlene’s catwalk is fierce. She will definitely book shows at New York Fashion Week! Go Charlene!

  53. Vicky Herrera says:

    OMG is that Charlene Supermodel Philippines Winner??!!! Wow! I’m impressed!

  54. Jennifer Irang says:

    so gorgeous!Congratz!=)

  55. POPO GO says:

    Congrats Charlene! :D Go Phil! :)

  56. Rosario Herrera says:

    Charlene is off the hook! Have you seen her catwalk? Amazing girl!

  57. veronica says:


  58. Julles Roberto says:

    Good luck girl!

  59. Mathew says:

    Ford has a killer line up Chanel,Jacquelyn, lakshmi and hyoni and my NEW FAV CICI ALI!!! best new face not only a stunner but has the fiercest walk to match.

  60. bob says:

    GO CHRISHELL!!! She is soooo amazing and sweet!! wish u best of luck!!!

  61. Monique says:

    Go Marlena!!! You are the stunner!!!

  62. rowie says:

    go charlene, lets rock en roll… gotta all the luck in you… yesss,,, your the besttt…we love yah…

  63. robert says:

    ohh boy,i think she’s the all time favorite,i can’t hardly explain it,go chat,yehey..

  64. Floreez Dianne says:

    ♥ proud to be Pinoy!!!! Go Charlene (“,) ♥

  65. allene says:

    wow charlene,,, lets rock en roll, got the eyes on you…seems your being beauty and great all day long,,,love ya..

  66. bojana says:

    wow Ford’s board is packed with amazing girls! In love with Lucia,Charlene and Cici. best of luck ;)

  67. daisy says:

    we’re proud of you charlene.. your runway queen.your the best.

  68. jenny says:

    charlene, you’re such a nice girl, don’t ever change,you are so beautiful inside and out,your country is very proud of you…show them how great and talented you are in the runway…we love you,go philippines…

  69. yuichi says:

    charlene,i’ve seen your catwalk on the runway before and i’m very impress,there is no doubt with regards to your accomplishment in your modelling career,you are truly a winner, you deserve the best, go chat.. love ya…

  70. franklin Rutz says:

    jéssica(from Brazil)…amazing***

  71. leonel says:

    you’re such a nice girl…impressive…go charlene…a.k.a. //chat d cutty//from the land of the friendliest people,,,philippines…

  72. leonel says:

    uhmm, by the way, thanks to ford models management… we have now an idea about fashion, i do some walk and act like a model, well nothing comes out, it,s a talent and gods gift,well “charlene” you’re such a lucky girl..go ahead nurtured your talent and love your career..

  73. johan says:

    hello,fordmodels,i thought you are very busy now,new york fashion week is just a days to come,hey “charlene”,can’t get in touch with you,you’re always on the run,you’re so energetic huh…more show… godbless and goodluck to you and fordmodels management…

  74. gem says:

    the amazing….girl…. from the………philippines, go go go….charlene….

  75. susie says:

    you know chatty,i’m deadly in love the way you perform on the runway,,miss you here in the philippines..

  76. liz says:

    wow fordmodels management,you have a full cast of beautiful and talented girl,so georgeous,superb and worldclass………..hi charlene….i’m your avid fan….

  77. leila says:

    new york fashion week,here we come,,,yeheyy…go go go fordmodels…go charlene…… were very proud of you…..

  78. leila says:

    waiting so long for the new york fashion week,,,at least, only days for the true reality show of talented and beatiful girl in the planet,,,girlll….. i truly miss this event, its news and publications…whoahhhh…

  79. danica says:

    you’re such a wonderful girl,like a flower always blooming, go ahead charlene,,, and fly like an eagle above the sky… you can reach your dream and success…

  80. lindsay says:

    fordmodels management,,,pls post more photos,news and information of your new batch of talents and beautiful models,especially their activities on NY F/W 10,miss you charlene…

  81. daisy says:

    you are gorgeous! you make the filipinos proud….

  82. daisy says:

    everything is in your hands now charlene be strong, be confident, god bless you and good luck!!!

  83. liza says:

    were proud of you charlene!!!!

  84. donna says:

    hello fordmodels, i thought you’re starting to do your work as a model,(day 1 NY F/W 10) goodluck and godbless to all,do your best… charlene…

  85. donna says:

    we miss you chatty, you’re such a woderful girl,your promise to give me a picture,,,mhuahhh

  86. Pia says:

    Go CHARLENE. Truly world class. Can be sharp and sweet at the same time. Distinctively Asian with full lips! With a twig for a frame really suited for high fashion. Best of luck to you. God bless!

  87. lanie says:

    wow charlene,,,, your on the road to stardom… keep up the good work, love you….yahooooooooooooooo

  88. daisy says:

    wow charlene,great show huh,,,,,you,re such nice girl,know that,, your face can do anything and everything, sometimes you look like an asian,american,latina,african,as in all,,ohhwoo just everything will do and even all items you endorse will fit and you can carry nice and easy,,, you’re great,,,love yahh

  89. michuri says:

    wow, what a show,,,yes,truly saleable,,,,,,,,,charlene,good personality (inside and outside),,,great product endorser,,, she will be your lucky charm,,yessss,you are the blessed one,,take good care chatty,,,

  90. Mena says:

    I bet all these comments are from Charlene.. haha. weird how almost every comment is the same thing.. and the most on Ford’s packages.

  91. jerro bautista says:

    you re the universe!!! lovely!

  92. Honore says:

    Where is tayane leao? Where is Jeanne Johnston? Both did incredible editorials over the summer and Jeanne landed Harpers Bazaar… Seems strange that girls of this caliber aren’t in the show package

  93. Honore says:

    Also where is Bruna and Clara Buchannan? This is strange are they no longer with Ford?

  94. Jon lee says:

    I can’t speak for the others but Jeanne Johnston is now on the IMG new york development board,, hope that helps

  95. jules says:

    jeanne to img…
    clara – gone – not in ny agency
    still many changes last week and future weeks
    stronger ford most certainly

  96. Angela says:

    Ford should of worked on cultivating the gems they had insted of signing every would be model in sight… Probably the reason so many heads rolled; Clara was stunning, Jeanne will go farther with IMG then Ford could of ever taken her she has 2 major covers and a campaign under her belt already the girl is flawless and still I ask,
    where is Tayane? The girl is a star, Too bad she had to start her career with Ford.

  97. Anita says:

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  98. Petra says:

    Ford is THE Modelagency of the world for me .
    I have the impression , that they really take care for people and their modells , are helpfull and with easy sccessoires , they enrich a situation .
    No question is silly , but they are taking it seriously , if it is cellulite or a pimple, or to make more self-confident and performing something in a professional way .
    A up situation .
    Yet , I would prefer to be caoch , or add desiger , or presentaionist .
    If I would do a comercial it would be ok .
    Young girls I would recommend Ford , as they really take care .

  99. Karl Bratby says:

    Ab Fab, Ford models is uber cool…

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