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January 27th, 2010 by Janelle | Model News
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Ming Xi. Pic courtesy of Elite Paris

Couture week provided a stage for a few truly amazing fashion week debuts and among the most promising was the lovely, Ming Xi. With a poised walk down Givenchy Couture’s catwalk, Ming grabbed everyone’s attention; can’t wait to see what the former Elite Model Look finalist does when she hits New York!

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  1. Samira says:

    She looked simply perfect at Givenchy Coutoure. She’s stunning. I can’t wait to see her this season on the runways from all over the world

  2. chance says:

    She looks amazing here and her Couture debut @ Givenchy was so refreshing. I am sure she grabbed everyones attention..

  3. lanvinray says:

    I’m so proud of her…I’m a fan since she competed on EML’09! Her full name is Mengyao Xi…thank goodness Elite dropped that “Barbie” name lol

    Go Ming-Ming!!! ^^

  4. Gxx says:

    Gorgeous Ming ….. again EML – strongest scounting of this industry !
    well done Elite Network to bring us such beauty

  5. Tiara says:

    I am not calling Ming ugly.

    I just think that it is incredible how you can look at a photo of a model and after looking enough and after other people looking enough, they become beautiful, much more beautiful then they initially were. So many people say that Fashion isn’t welcoming to people who aren’t 5’10 and very thin and maybe this is true but there is so much diversity in the models faces. At least, to me.

    I think Ming looks better and better every time I look at her photos. I wish her the best of luck but she probably doesn’t need it.

  6. fancy says:

    i know asians are supposed to look young naturally.. i dont know if its the makeup but im getting that 26 plus years feeling from her.. i hope to see more pictures!

  7. peterModelObsessed says:

    Beautiful indeed. But i’m afraid her face is a tad too Sexy.

    To be a successful (asian) model, less sex appeal is more, unless you’re hawking Victoria’s Secret.

    I mean, it’s not Ming’s fault that she looks sexy, lol.

  8. Nigel S. says:

    Perfect example of strong meets soft. She is so very gorgeous. And those lines…! This is regal, ethereal, vulnerable and confident encapsulated.
    She can do couture in her sleep!

  9. Eamon says:


    She is made to look sexy in this photo on purpose. See that tousled hair? I think she has a versatile look which you can see when you compare this photo to the Givenchy runway shots.

    As Nigel said, strong meets soft. There are echoes of Daul Kim in Ming – she had those qualities too that no other Asian model quite had.

    To me, sexiness requires a little bit more weight so we can keep Ming from VS for just a little bit longer ;-)

    I’m enthralled!

  10. J says:

    I think her face would be able to carry androgyny very well; she has a masculine look to her face.

  11. poo says:

    She is PERFECT.

  12. Rodney says:

    her face is kind of freaky to me.. but thats probably a good thing

  13. carola says:

    Yes, very sexy face!! Looks versatile.

  14. peterModelObsessed says:


    Sex appeal is either you have it or you don’t. If you put Tao Okamoto or Du Juan in the same pose, it wont be that sexy. And Ming’s look is very sexy, and it’s OK. It’s just different look from everybody.

  15. peterModelObsessed says:

    I am excited that there’s a new crop of strong beautiful asian models coming out!!!

    Seems like the new wave are the Asian Girls.

  16. Ashburn Eng says:

    mannishly cool!

  17. Joe says:

    beautiful girl . I think you should show her polaroids here on models.com . The comments about her being too sexy are stupid .

  18. yen-yen says:

    Janelle, is Ming Xi exclusive for Givenchy Couture?

  19. claude r. simard says:


  20. daniel says:

    i think Liu wen better watch out. This girl has her same cheekbones, same lips but better forehead, eyes and chin. She is seriously like an upgrade of liu wen!

  21. Antonio Barros says:
  22. Amber says:

    What I love about Givenchy is that Ricardo Tisci always chooses beautiful, interesting, and diverse models for his shows! She’s stunning. I’m loving that there are more Asian models working lately. And Tiara I have to disagree with you, I thought this girl was a beauty right away.

  23. JLM[X] says:

    Look at the emotion she captures, she has a air of grace while being ferocious, which is a very different feel. I am excited. When I saw her on the runway I was jumping for joy-orientals! :)

    She’ll do fantastic in this industry.


  24. Lucy says:

    yay! As a Chinese American, I’m glad to find a new Asian model on her way towards success! :)

  25. winky says:

    Believe it or not, there are a BUNCH of stunningly beautiful Asian models out there as there are beautiful Black and Latina models. However, the sad truth is, not many Asian models will be not showcased unless a designer chooses to do so. Riccardo Tisci and Jean Paul Gaultier in my opinion, are the only ones that chooses a wide range of girls for their shows.

    Last, hate to say it but true, Asian models are a threat to the caucasians. No one wants to admit that an non-white model can be more beautiful.

  26. Sundal says:

    You can never be too sexy! She’s gorgeously versatile. And congrats on representing asian models. Now let’s see more from the indian subcontinent too. We’ve only got lakshmi stalking the runways!

  27. emon says:

    she’s so beautiful..

  28. collins-smith says:

    I love her she is wounderful&she is also d pot of beaut….

  29. Sungjun f:S/K says:

    wow, she look like Queen of ancient china. woderful.

  30. go-asians says:

    well, another Asian model with identical ‘asian eyes’. am i the only one who think all Asians they pick look similar? seems the westerners are happy to explore ‘Asian beauty’ through their perspective and ignore the Asian perspective. this kinda look will never be named ‘beautiful’ in most Asian’s eyes ( i mean the ppl actually live in Asia).

  31. bb says:

    interesting,as “go asians” said, an asian country would never pick this girl to be sexy or beautiful. it’s just interesting how non asian people view “asian beauty”. to be honest, i think her cheekbones are great, but i cant really see her eyes. here, they look a cross eyed..

  32. Rommen | Bravenboer says:

    Ming is great Asian model!

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