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How much do we love a show package like Next’s Men F/W 10? The combination of modeling’s most consistent faces with some of the most buzzed about boys and a fantastic presentation of diverse new models is a heady combination indeed. Look for Martin Landgreve (coming off a spectacular season in Milan/Paris), Ryan Mertz and Max Hurd as well as new faces Aaron and Chantsler to be most requested this season among the new faces.



Adrian Zuniga

Allen Tsai

Andrew Anderson

Ariel Collins

Bill Gentle

Bob Ter Horst


Chris Kightley

Garrett Smith


Jamie Strachan

Janis Berzs

Jonatan Frenk


Korey Hahn

Laurence Mccrea


Marcus Key

Martin Landgreve

Matthew Krause

Max Hurd

Michael Camiloto

Michael Fulfree

Raymond Irving

Ryan Mertz

Trevor Himes

Vincent Lacrocq

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  1. Oshcar says:

    VIncent Lacrocq is beautiful and effortless. My top 3 pick for sure. I want to see more of him.

  2. Samira says:

    Adalbert looks so cute. Wonderful package

  3. trill says:

    Can’t wait to see Garrett Smith! My new fav. model and photographer!!

  4. trill says:

    Can’t wait to see Garrett Smith. My new favorite model and amazing photographer !!!

  5. frockhard says:

    What about meantioning Jonatan Frenk and his shows and campaigns..?

    Not quite agreeing with your new faces picks… I dont see Chanstler getting requested for shows, he’s too chunky

  6. Jason says:

    Martin Landgreve killed in Europe! for sure one of most promising faces to rise this season.
    Amazing package! Great job Next!

  7. Arnold says:

    wasn’t martin landgreve with red?

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