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MGM Paris F/W 10 Men Show Package is filled with the types of boys who enliven the runway. Names like Baptiste Giabiconi, Marlon Teixeira, Tom Warren and Will Chalker are familiar to anyone who appreciates male models and newer forces like Viggo Jonason and Max Hurd are sure to be in demand. All in all MGM presents a sleek lineup of men ready to impress Paris’ notoriously selective casting directors.


Adam Janech

Adam Refoufi

Alex Smith

Alexandre Gaillot

Andre Bentzer

Antonin Jeanson

Arthur Defays

Baptiste Giabiconi

Callum Turner

Collin Tennant

Cyril Robert

Dan Felton


David Asdrubal

David H.

Eddie Tucker

Eddie Wrey

Ethan James

Fabian Pfenninger

Francois Verkerk

Frankie Ellis

Frey Mudd



Henry Watkins

James Cooper

Johan Goransson

Johan Johansson

Jorel Roth

Josh Gray


Julien Levet-Labry

Julius Beckers

Lauren Van Mulukom

Louis Prades

Luis Borges

Lyle Lodwick

Magnus Alinder

Marios Lekkas

Marius Hordijk

Marlon Teixeira

Martin Cannavo

Martin Krmpotic

Matthew Massterson

Matthias Hoffman

Max Hurd

Max Rogers

Michael Camiloto

Michael Gadolfi

Michael Giraud

Mihaly Sepreny

Moritz Garlich


Nate Gill

Niklas Hagen

Niklas Nilsson

Oleg Antosik

Pierre Barreda

Richie Cotterell

Roman Duvigneau

Ryan Koning

Sam Way

Sander Van Den Hurk


Sid Ellisdon


Thomas Renaud

Tim Luebbering

Tom Warren

Victor Lacoste

Viggo Jonason

Vincent Von Thien

Will Chalker

Zac Malone

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» View all Agencies Show Packages here

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  1. He says:

    yes! sexy marlon!

  2. Samira says:

    Nice package with lovely guys

  3. mmmmm says:

    Eddie wrey did amazing work in milan I hope it continues in paris

  4. JJ says:

    Well I see here a few interesting and new faces. :)

  5. stacey says:

    question? Is Collin related to Stella Tennant? WoW

  6. Val says:

    Antonin Jeanson, beautiful eyebrows.

  7. Zandy Joel says:

    Harry Wakefield, now that’s one hot model!!!!

  8. JO JO says:

    i was going to ask the same Stacey… that would be very interesting :)

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