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  1. Samira says:

    Love 2pm, love their faces and especially
    Amalie Reedtz,Anna Trosko, Dorte Limkilde, Lin Kjerulf, Malene Knudsen, My Nillson, Therese Hougaard Jensen, Veneda

  2. Nigel S. says:

    Agnete! I used to LOVE seeing her on the runway. And Louise! A poster child for the word sexy. One of my all time favorites. And Ms. Rie.
    On top of that, Rianne TenHaken is back.
    The good ol’ days are a’ comin’ back. (early 2000’s.

    I’m having serious flashbacks of circa 2002; to Luca Luca or Michael Kors, with all of these beauties in full swing.
    Jacquetta, Julia Stegner, Isabeli, Liya, Erin, Frankie, Dewi, Leticia Birkheuer and all the rest. Such a beautiful, bright and fun time that was.

  3. Anka says:

    very nice…

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