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January 15th, 2010 by wayne | Girls, Industry News, Model News
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The Ford Supermodel 2010 winner from the Baltics, Karlina. (All images courtesy of Ford Models)

With girls from 36 countries around the world converging on Brazil (a model loving country if ever there was one) the 2010 Ford Models Supermodel Of The world finals were bound to crackle with excitement and adrenalin. And crackle it did last night where before an audience including V Magazine publisher Stephen Gan, Ford icon Chanel Iman, philanthropist Katie Ford, Brazilian celeb Marcelle Bittar and Ford Director Caroline Poznanski,  16 year old Karlina from the Baltics swanned away with the top prize. With poise and charisma Karlina proved herself to be more than camera ready for the media swarm that descended upon her announcement. The story this year was the power of the Ford franchise in pulling in a fabulous cache of  long term-girls, just in time for the Fall 10 shows. Alongside the runway perfect Karlina, these runner-ups reflected a rigorous quality control by the Ford team to ensure that this new generation of girls will be stepping into the spotlight as models with a capital M. Stay tuned on Monday for Betty Sze’s exclusive snaps of all the behind the scenes Supermodel action (think  celebs and sparkle,  samba bands, champagne and the very beautiful people of Brazil.)

1st runner up: Philippines, Charlene
2nd runner up: Sweden, Isabelle
3rd runner up USA, Olivia
4th runner up Belarus, Maryna
Finalist: Australia, Grace
Finalist: Brazil, Bruna

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  1. Samira says:

    That’s amazing!!!!
    I knew it. Sweden + USA + Baltic are great winners gorgeous

  2. Luigi says:

    Karlina/Latvia is stunning!

  3. prusia says:

    bruna from brazil was ok…typical looking model.
    grace australia.. I LOVE HER LOOK!! REALY CUTE BUT STILL BLANK!.
    belarus maryna ..honestly..she looks fat ..sorry….
    usa/olivia…not a model!
    sweden issabele… typical girl..stil cute though…but not for modeling
    charlene philippines- im not sure if top designer will book her. but this picture rock..stare at it and her hair looks painted…limmited bookings for this girl..
    latvia/ karlina…M.O.D.E.L.!!!!! i hope she is great on runway…LOVE THAT FACE!

  4. Antonio Barros says:

    Oh la la!!!! Karlina rock’s!! She is gorgeous! :)


  5. marco says:

    Karlina is fab and seems to be a sweetheart (I saw a video after she won.
    Here is the link:


    Bruna is pretty as weel.

  6. marco says:

    Ops…* as well.

  7. yuichi says:

    Thanks for posting this wayne! I’m happy with the winners! Go Philippines! ^^ can’t wait for Betty’s scoop on Monday

  8. eijei says:

    love it! Mabuhay Philippines!

  9. peterModelObsessed says:

    The Girl from the Philippines has a really “strong” exotic Asian look. Most Asian models has that soft, delicate, doll-like features, and she’s kinda unique looking. She has the strongest look of the bunch.

  10. marco says:

    Belarus girl? Fat? OMG. I might be blind or something.

  11. Marco Oliveira says:

    Brazilian Girl “Bruna” have the most beautiful face and body of the competition, she didn`t winn this year, because in the last year a brazilian girl won the competition in Monaco, “Thaiane Leão”!

  12. i-am-dutch-i-love-much says:

    the one from belarus is gorgeous and not fat. Sometimes there are some sick comments over here. Pffff..

  13. joshnyc says:

    loving the girls from belarus and the philippines.

  14. kiki says:

    whoever posted that the girl from belarus is fat, is exactly what is wrong with the modelling world today. Thank you for continuing to perpetuate your ignorance.

  15. paco says:

    WTF the belarus girl fat? are you crazy?
    she is perfect, so thin. stupid comment.
    i love all the girls, they are all special. maybe
    Olivia from usa and Charlene don’t LOVE them, but they have some potential.
    and the winner she is just amazing, that face just GOT IT.

  16. LD says:

    Yay Philippines. Designers need to book her; talk about something different. By the way, I’m not even Philippino. I also like really like Grace too.

  17. LuLiLa says:

    Great girls, I also love that they don`t look like they starve. They may do that, but they sure look healthy and beautiful!
    Love them

  18. charms says:

    Filipinos rule!!!!! congratulations charlene! all the best :)

  19. charms says:

    loving the filipino girl. sexy, exotic, unique face.

  20. nat says:

    the one i like best is grace. woah, australia again.. i also find karlina interesting


    I’m not too fond of any of them. The ones who have any kind of real potential are Sweden, Australia and Brazil. That’s just my opinion.

  22. Joe says:

    The girl from the Philippines is gorgeous, Charlene . I hope I see her on the runways next season !But I agree with the judges choice , the winner is beautiful aswell

  23. Netto says:

    Miss Ryder + Angela Lindval = Karlina

  24. Netto says:

    Bruna (Brazil) will be Victoria Secrets angel 2015 ;)

  25. caio says:

    maryna is so gorgeous !!

  26. patrick says:

    It’s so hilarious when a fan, like LD, admires one of these girls and without any prompting, attaches a caveat to his admiration by saying he’s not even from the same country as the girl is, LOL!! What is so wrong with admiring your fellow Filipino? I’m Aussie and I loooooooove, loooooooove, looooooooove Grace!!!

  27. gisee says:

    fashionspot.com: “Olivia, she’s a baby Herzigova! ”
    I will follow this girl and the rest. All these girls hand picked by Ford will do well!

  28. Felicity Setvonovich says:

    Oh, yes I see it!! Eva Herzigova . That’s a good call! There is some Claudia in Olivia’s look as well.


    Love the winner and all the runners up. Would have added Portugal to the list.

  29. eeek says:

    This year’s winner definitely has more potential than Tayane from last year, especially high fashion potential. Reminds me of a more refined version of Kaitlin Aas. Belarus girl is another with potential for high fashion runways. Olivia from US looks like a girl Ford already has though, Anna Sophie Monrad or something so she’s a bit redundant.
    I really want to know if they signed Giselle from Dominican Republic who Ford really loved but was too young at 12 for the competition.

  30. CONCHAL says:


  31. LD says:

    @ Patrick; ???There isn’t any wrong with people admiring someone from their own country. I just wanted to put that out there so I don’t sound totally biased.

  32. Colin Gore says:

    olivia does look a bit anna sophia! but what are olivia’s measurements? i think her body is a bit more h/f than anna’s. also the w magazine article on fashionspot.com says olivia is an actress and singer, so Ford is going cash in on the “total package”. She could be the next big thing for them as they try to keep up with trend setting ONE model management. my money is on all these girls to do well,especially karlina in high fashion, and olivia is poised to sail through several markets. maryna, charlene, isabelle, grace and bruna are powerful.

  33. trev-o says:

    there is only room for 1 Maryna and her last name is Linchuk

  34. jay ochoa says:

    I haven’t seen any of the girls measurements.
    Anyone know?

  35. oliverio says:

    Belarus is beautiful, but the editing done on her thighs is horrible.

  36. MaxX says:

    Kudos to Charlene! I’m proud of you girl and fingers crossed will make it big like Charo! I do hope the next wave of supermodels will be from the Phils! Mabuhay!

  37. Toni K says:

    Aussie will work for ages. THE face that never fades.

  38. mab says:

    maryna is wonderful.

  39. Estelle says:

    I love Maryna also, but too much hair. Also would like to see Olivia and Charlene with much shorter doo’s. What is next for these girls does it say anywhere? Will we see Croatia,Portugal, and, France, even though they did not place in top5? They should all get contracts with Ford for making it to world finale.

  40. starGAzer says:

    Karlina was adorable in the video and her mom’s response: “Won what?” has to go straight to youtube.
    Ford is has it when it comes to identifying potential success. I would not have guessed Karlina right away, but now there is no doubt. Karlina’s runner ups make sense now too even though I had money on Croatia and Venezuela. Isabelle, Grace ,Olivia , Bruna ,and Maryna —I Love!

  41. StarGAzer says:

    I think I forgot to say Charlene I love as well!

  42. er says:

    wow, a Filipina, 1st runner-up this is just so happy.
    Congrats Charlene and to all the finalists!
    im lovin’ it!

  43. rovingreporter says:

    Grace is also the total package. Others may be too since Ford is trying to break into different markets this year in order to remain a top agency, changing with the times. See article on models.com about the future of management.
    From the video at this year’s final in Brasil, gorgeous Chanel won’t make it as an actress anytime soon, but she will always be a/the top hf girl. Now it is clear that Ford wants their hand in film and television. Enter the queen Karlina and her court of talented beauties.

  44. Estelle says:

    What did they do to Belarus Maryna’s thighs in the foto? I don’t see anything “wrong” or airbrushed.

  45. Lani says:

    WOW the girl from Belarus is GORGEOUS! I don’t know why anyone would call her fat. It could just be the clothes but she is nowhere near fat.

  46. catch says:

    isabelle also might try shorter more current hair styling. love all the girls. more test photos would be nice to see. they are all actors?

  47. Figaro says:

    Pfff. What is this one stop shopping? Theyre are natural born models in the world and natural born actresses. Two seprate industries.

  48. Nádia says:

    I like Charnele and Maryna!!! Gorgeous girls!


  49. soho stylist says:

    I don’t think you mess with maryna’s or olivia’s hair. Maybe bring charlene’s and bruna’s up a bit so it’s not too thin at the ends. Would like to see updo on each of them,as well as full make up.

  50. Martin Novotny says:

    Karlina and Grace are definitely the best!!!

  51. Alica says:

    wow, she’s just beautiful!


  52. juliette dfashion geek says:

    The fun part now is following these girls to see how they do! They are about to go share the waters with the big fish. Ford would only select the strongest swimmers. Can’t be weak in this industry, these are strong girls.

  53. Bailey says:

    Oh my gawsh that girl from Brazil is drop dead GORGEOUS

  54. modellobello says:

    Karlina—- is so beautiful model model model! worried that she may not be memorable in like 10 years though, but who knows, shes modelicious! Reminds me of young Daria W!!!!

    Charlene—–will be the next FRENZY in the fashion industry! She will break barriers! somehow reminds me of and early Chanel Iman who looks different and common but was able to transform into a popular model that even that mass will identify! Anna Bailey in the making, anyone thinks so???????

    Isabelle—Pretty nothing less nothing more! Basing it on the this picture!

    Olivia- looking like a young Eva Herzigova. Very edgy, but has a strong potential to die out immediately. If she has personalty maybe she can go very very far!

    Maryna- NOT FAT! NOT AT ALL! Reminds me of Amanda Laine, not THAT pretty but modely, but not a source of obsession.

    Grace- Gorgeous like Doutzen! Can be successful but can also not be.

    Bruna- Very victoria secret. SEXY!

  55. sharly tungka says:

    everybody around the world knows that brazilian’s model is totally awesome, no one can beat brazil, viva brazil.. (example for the brazilian beauty are: alesandra ambrosio, marcelle bittar, ana beatriz baros, adriana lima, michelle, gislle bunchen, raika oliveira, isabela fontana and many more), so anybody can beat brazilian model? I doubt about it, brazil is just so hard to beat, they had many exotic model.

  56. Kate R. says:

    Girls from Phillipines, Latvia & Australia catched my attention. They r startling! Espessially Karlina, such an amazing expression

  57. axim says:

    joy joy joy!!! eva herzigova survived time travel and is teenage girl once more! i love!!!

  58. Arthur Dow says:

    “Baby Eva” is a cousin or niece to Herzigova and she just got started modeling two months ago. It must be in her blood or she’s a very quick study. She is the sleeper here, not a lot of horn-tooting, but seems she doesn’t need it.

  59. StarGAzer says:

    Love love Olivia, however I doubt this baby Herzigova will be following in her Eva’s footsteps and landing Wonderbra or VS campaigns–Guess?, maybe. I do see young olEVEia having potential to become iconic cover girl. Also a Tommy girl, CK, RL campaign for Oleve would not surprise me.
    Bruna and Grace will be VS, and SI super stars right away, there is no doubt.
    Karlina, Charlene, Maryna will be the true high fashion girls of this group, owning runways and editorials. Isabelle seems angelic-Tommy, CK, Gap, etc…hard to comment on just one of these girls, they are all so amazing!

  60. Lala says:

    Bruna is very gorgeous, but now its getting annoying how they always look for the typical light skinned blue eyed girl in Brazil, there are more different and unique looks in Brazil and around the world they should pick!

  61. PeterModelObsessed says:

    charlene has a very good walk…….search youtube

    Her face is very High Fashion

  62. luca says:

    “O” joy!loving what i see!

  63. Bernadette says:

    Maryna is radiant ethereal mysterious

  64. felicity Setvonovich says:

    Would love to see Maryna with less weight to her hair, at least for runway.

  65. donella says:

    grace is absolutely stunning with those bright eyes and plump lips! Was is just me or did these girls lack on the catwalk skills. I saw a video and was not impressed with their struts. Also is it true Olivia was signed with ford right before the competition started? Those agencies don’t wait around lmao. congrats you all!

  66. Nikko says:


  67. Elvire says:

    Only one: GRACE!

  68. tedd sagun says:

    beautiful chat from the philippines is a standout!

  69. PeterModelObsessed says:

    Karlina does look like a young Mini Anden, no?

  70. Roma says:

    belarus yes)

  71. Felicity Setvonovich says:

    Yes!! Mini Anden, I totally see it in Karlina! Another very good call!
    Some uncanny mega supermodel throwbacks in this year’s crop. Instant success for them if they have the inner strength and the stamina to run with it. These are the girls I want most to see now!

  72. juliette dfashion geek says:

    Hope none of them pulls a Kendra.

  73. greg says:

    Ford doesn’t have a really good track record with their SOTW winners and finalists. I have yet to see any of last year’s top 5 doing anything fabulous but I have to say, this year’s top 5 look mildy promising. Karlina’s look is a dime a dozen out there and she’s not that tall; Charlene is probably going to be Ford’s answer to the Liu Wens and Shu Peis and Du Juans out there since Hyoni failed to live up to the supermodel status she was given two years ago; Isabelle looks great but another blonde?; Marinka would do well in a Rapunzel editorial but other than the hair, she looks just okay; Olivia is the most beautiful and holds the most promise of these group and I’m not, to quote that LD person in a previous post, even American, LOL!! Just want to make sure y’all to think I am biased and not capable of an objective opinion.

  74. j. henri says:

    Olivia will be ford’s cash cow. Karlina will do well also.

  75. juliette dfashion geek says:
  76. sviatlana says:

    In Belarus there are no fat girls. All of us thin and beautiful.

  77. PeterModelObsessed says:

    based on her pic above, Bruna from Brazil’s face is so “mushy” and too sweet, very too commercial.

  78. PeterModelObsessed says:

    I might be wrong, but Maryna, Olivia and isabelle are very forgettable. Then again, the girl’s personality, talent and walk can always carry them in their careers.

  79. aQUEALY says:

    Grace is Gorgeous! very beautiful and great personality as well.. im so happy for you cuz, and cant wait to see you again.. have the greatest time in Brazil and come back soon.. xoxo

  80. carola says:

    The only model who can bare a resemblance to Herzigova SOMETIMES is Anja Rubik. I don’t want a Baby Herzigova, Eva can still look better than all of the girls in those pictures.

    But anyway, I think Olivia and Grace are my favorites here, the problem is they all look like some other older established models; Karlyna looks like Jeisa, Grace looks sort of like Vivien Solari, Maryna looks like Marta B, Bruna and Isabelle look like a lot of other pretty faces..

  81. scouts honour (giov) says:

    Each of this year’s winners seem artfully selected as the girls most likely to add depth to Ford’s roster. Ford needs a breakout star. Last year being the wakeup call, this year Ford went for classic beauty paired with the ever so important “x-factor”. Currently Ford has no “money girls” in the ranks, no “top icons”, and just a handful of models ranking top 50. That’s about to change.
    Banking on everything old is new again, with a side of something xtra-special, Ford has found its “sleeper”, and at least a few other future stars.

  82. luca says:

    less than a month before fall10 shows!
    i adore these familiar, “i’ve seen her before” girls! the “what goes around, comes around” approach is divine! that’s how fashion goes. fads be gone! we’re back to studying the classics. O my.

  83. Green says:

    In the video from the event, eight finalists are announced, but here only seven are pictured. Megija from Latvia was also called as a finalist. Why is she missing from this post?

  84. Cleuziene Souza de Melo says:

    Nossa… Sou de Angra dos Reis RJ Brasil. fiz 21 anos ontem e meu maior sonho é estar no topo, aqui na minha cidade não tenho condições de elevar minha carreira e nem de mostrar meu potencial, o que eu preciso para poder estar com vocês ou pelo menos ser reconhecida? quem devo procurar???

    Email: vampiradeangra@hotmail.com

    Por favor entrem em contato!

  85. peterModelObsessed says:

    Is it just me or Too much hair is not flattering at all, especially if its dark or brunette. Not a good look lol

  86. peterModelObsessed says:

    who’s the Top 3 current Hottest Faces working today? Hhhmmmm Lara Stone, Sasha Pivavarova and Natasha Poly, Guess what, these women are not Classic Beauties. In fact, they look strange and different. If Ford wants to have a Money Girl, they should get more edgy girls. Not Classic faces. The trend right now is, unique faces, High Fashion look.

    What do you think?

  87. pinstripesboy says:

    Dead on analysis Giov. I wonder if the peeps over at Ford take the time out to read fashion fans’ comments and if they do, if they mull over it, try to find if any of the opinions matter or don’t care at all what fashion outsiders think? Methinks Ford has been resting on their past glories the last 10 years or so. They’ve had few breakout stars and those who do break away from the packt, like Nataliya and Camilla, don’t stay around for long. They have their annual modelling competition with much fanfare, except last year when they hardly made a big fuss on the winner and finalists, but you’ll be hard pressed to find a winner or finalist who actually become big and fabulous. Chanel has been their star of late but is it my imagination or has her star has started to shine less?

    I hope one or two of these five new anointed ones is the next big thing. I like Latvia and Philippines a lot. The former has the classic good looks that has stood the test of time and the latter, to quote Greg could be the next Liu W(she’s at her peak now) and Du J (past her peak but still working it).

    Good Luck ladies!

  88. j.henri says:

    The “Money Girls” are all beautifully sculpted from head to toe.
    Edgy/hot girls just need the right stature paired with mega-confidence/attitude. So strange/different faces can work, but not to the tune of becoming a Tyra, Naomi, Cindy, Christy, Claudia, Linda, Eva, Kate, Gisele, Natalia, Liya, etc…. Modeling is returning to its roots, where looks matter, and as Wayne points out, these girls went through rigorous “quality control” so they are more than just pretty faces. Ford needs a Money Girl, and maybe more than one.

  89. scouts honour (giov) says:

    I predict Karlina and Olivia will lead the way. Not necessarily in that order.

  90. juliette dfashion geek says:

    A new photo posted on fashion spot. it’s better res than what we’ve seen so far.


  91. shahadev says:

    I hope one or two of these five new anointed ones is the next big thing. I like Latvia and Philippines a lot. The former has the classic good looks that has stood the test of time and the latter, to quote Greg could be the next Liu W(she’s at her peak now) and Du J (past her peak but still working it).

    Good Luck ladies!

  92. zeita frumusete says:


  93. peterModelObsessed says:

    with the right career management that Girl from the Philippines is very promising to breakout as a Big Asian Supermodel. She does look very Good.

  94. cyril says:

    i hope taht charlene will be next anna bayle. its been a long. long time ago when a filipina strut the major fashion shows……

  95. peterModelObsessed says:

    Out of the winners, Charlene is my favorite. They should chopped her hair and give her a Geometrical Bob Cut to make her really Edgy and Current.

  96. Natália says:

    Gostei mais de Karlina e Olivia, são lindas.

  97. Zandy Joel says:

    Charlene is definitely my favorite. Great look – unique, exotic, sensual!

  98. Maris says:

    Karlīna visskaistākā!!! Latvia the BEST!!!

  99. ChristineIsMean says:

    OMG. at first glance, Brazil immediately caught my attention but then Charlene looks to “different” in a good way. :)

  100. Gurswon says:

    i like sweet heart

  101. Leila says:

    Karlina, Tu esi tik sievišķīga un trausla! Saudzē sevi un veiksmi Tev. :))

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