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Major Paris‘s package is a straight forward homage to classical beauty. A strong and simple headshot combined with several well chosen images serve as the best booking tool for the casting directors scanning all the boards. Runway favorites like Adrian Wlodarski, Rene Rodriguez and Mariusz Smolinski are sure to pop out but up and coming faces such as Alexander Johansson, Benoni Loos, River Viiperi, Tommy B and Wael Sersoub are still definite must sees.

Adrian Wlodarski

Alex Bennett

Alexander Johansson

Alexis Roy

Alexis Vilchez

Andrew Anderson

Anthony Lumeau

Benoni Loos


Corentin Renault


Daniel Uzdowski

Danny Hoggins

Hans Hatt


James Sorrentino


Joey Kirchner


Leo Kreysig

Ludvig Blom


Marko Brozic

Martin Janicki

Martin R

Nil Hoppenot


Pavel Baranov

Peter Kostur




Theo Hall


Thomas Keyes




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  1. Nigel S. says:

    I vote Major Paris for the coolest model names! I’ll have a Cosmo Macdonald with two limes and a splash of Papis. Hello!
    All the Major boards are major.
    And How’s about that Brett!?!

  2. antwen says:

    Andrew, Brett, Cosmo, and Jean are the ones who stands out to me. Go Major Paris!!

  3. Louisegnor says:

    i like the diversity goin on here, lets hope to see these guys stomping in the shows…………

  4. fashion faces says:

    for sure this group of guys is diversed. cool and hip and some good choices for casting and stylist to choose from…Rene R better look out for Thomas though, he gives you masculine beauty!!!!

  5. Ravermarble381 says:

    Much lovely guys there…

    I disagree with fashion faces, I see other picture of Thomas and he would not be problem to Rene R. The strongest ethnic guy in this package is Andrew A. in my opinnion. Hope for they all do great..


  6. christian R T says:

    Nice diversity this year. major really seems to get better and better. few out standing guys in my mind, Brett, Cosmo, James sorrentino, Nil hoppenot…
    really good choices they did this year. lets see who’s gonna rock it. may the force be with them


  7. Baby C says:


    Just shot Levi Red campaign. He’s gonna be Major (Literally).

  8. Mortiana says:

    HI, I think it’s a bit hard to vote, all the men here are so handsome! all the work is just perfect…

  9. jean says:

    I’m just here and i think that there is a lot of cool guys in my agency !!
    As for me, Théo, pavel, papis or léo….
    i hope for the shows, that was really great for me and i think that new faces of my agency are really good that year !!!

  10. Macha says:

    ^^ I think Corentin and Jean are the ones to watch!

  11. Rbrt says:

    I think all this guys have a good future ahead of them . watch out for pavel Tho.

  12. alexis says:

    Jean c’est la crème de la crème!!!! continue sur ta lancée tu va tout déchirer ^^

  13. thomaslc says:

    Jean is one of the best models I’ve ever seen in Major. He can wear and make beautiful clothes from the old school style to futuristic items with perfection!
    GO Jean!

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