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Why Not Model Management‘s Milan Men show package is full of big stars; the agency represents some of the best Milan has to offer.  Big names like Adam Senn, Noah Mills, Evandro Soldati,  Tyson Ballou,Taylor Fuchs and Patrick Petitjean are all featured on brightly colored cars and with a roster this large and impressive, it is only a question of which A-list shows these boys will show up at.

Adam Senn

Aiden Andrews

Albert Mordue

Alejandro Rodriguez

Alex Fatkulin

Alex Gilbert

Alex Loomans

Alexander Johansson

Alvaro Casavechia

Andrea Amadei

Andres Marcet

Andy Richardson

Axel Brorson

Ben Hill

Bruce Machado

Bruno Babolin

Caio Cesar

Carlos Sander

Chris Doe

Christopher Michaut

Christopher Sylvest


David Gandy

David Jensen2

David Kammenos

Djordje Bogdanovic

Dominik Frieg

Douglas Neitzke

Dylan Koroll

Evandro Soldati

Ferdi Sibbel

Francisco Lachowski

Gabriel Perez

Geoffroy Jonckheere

Grayson Gettys

Guy Robinson1

Hubert Rapisardi

Ivan Noda


Jacob Coupe

Jan Vlas

Jesper Lund

Jonatan Wasen

Joschka Netz

Josh Gray

Julien Quevenne

Kevin Flamme

Laurent Albucher

Lino Meiries

Luke Stevens

Marcelo Matos

Mark Cox

Mattia Regonaschi

Mattias Bergh

Max Motta

Max Rogers

Maximiliano Patene

Michael J Whittaker

Michael Svenson Winther

Michael Tintiuc

Michal Ayeboua

Miguel Iglesias

Mihaly Martins

Mikus Lasmanis

Mischel Ellern

Nicolas Chabot

Nicolas Ripoll

Nils Butler

Noah Mills

Oliver Cheshire

Pasha Golovchenko

Patrick Petitjean

Paul Stiell



Rob Moore

Robert Perovich

Robertas Aukstuolis

Ruben Cortada

Ryan Taylor

Sam Bennet

Sam Webb

Sebastian Lund

Shaun Haugh


Simon Tham

Spiros Grekos

Taylor Fuchs


Timo Rademan

Tom James

Tom Warren

Tommy B

Trevor Himes


Tyson Ballou


Vincent Dienst

Vitor Bassetto

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  1. Marina says:

    Noah is the number one!!!

  2. blahblahblah says:

    why Gordie’s become Joschka Netz?

  3. jane says:

    Hope to see David Gandy at many run way.

  4. Samira says:

    Ty looks great. I’m lookin so forward to see them on the runways

  5. Luigi says:

    The best milanese agency….Why not holds the best male models. January looks to be quite busy for Why Not’s best. Yes is true there’s a trouble with Joschka Netz card!!

  6. Franlover says:

    Go Francisco Go! Francisco Francisco Francisco Francisco Francisco! yeah!

  7. Oshcar says:

    I have to say Tyson is so stunningly attractive. Noah looks good to but looks too much like a friend of mine, only taller. David Gandy has a stellar body aswell.

  8. Oshcar says:

    Tyson Ballou, David Gandy, Noah Mills, Ruben Cortada, Ryan Taylor, Francisco Lachowski and Cyril look beautiful.

  9. janet says:

    Trevor Himes, Francisco Lachowski

  10. Friend says:

    gorgeous Nicolas Ripoll and Francisco Lachowski !! :)

  11. Leona says:

    NICOLAS RIPOLL hot hot hot!!!!!!!
    but pitty that they didn’t put another front picture. however, hot.

  12. Marian says:


  13. Val says:

    Patrick Petitjean … Incroyablement hot.

  14. Brian Keith says:

    NICE !

  15. che cazzo >__ says:

    where the fuck is ash?? has he changed the agency in milan? or doesn’t he even show up there at f/w??? wtf >__<

  16. Luigi says:

    Ash is still on the Why Not board, probably no show this jan in Milan.

  17. Cocoroca says:

    Aiden- love the different looks on the comp cards between Why not and Ford Homme.

  18. Eugenia says:

    Noah is the best, no. 1 in my list!

  19. andrea says:

    Its seemes like there is no post on Djordje Bogdanovic on models.com
    Maybe you guys can give us some updates on this hot stud.

  20. George says:

    Ben Hill is gorgeus!

  21. joyce says:

    adam senn gorgeous .. you are hot!!! mmmmmm

  22. LOV says:

    GO ANDY RICHARDSON. HE IS MY FAV!!! I always love him so much! Met him years ago and fell in love with his personality, intelligence and beauty.
    Hope he reads this :D

  23. knsdfsdf says:

    ahhh!!!! david kammenos is so hot!!!!!!! :)

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