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MODELWERK is enjoying the sweet smell of success, their F/W show package is a cheeky take on fragrance ads. Each card features black and white images of their dashing roster of boys, in the style of a cologne campaign – the end result is very James Franco for Gucci. Fun cards aside, the lineup of amazing boys is sure to make an impact in Berlin, A-list faces like Christian Brylle and Douglas Neitzke are certain to be everywhere.

Alex Belli

Alex Mola

Alexander Kern

Andrew Moore

Arthur Kulkov

Blake S

Boris Kolesnikov

Carlos Sander

Christian Brylle

Dominik Bauer

Douglas Neitzke

Falk Albert

Gordie Walker

Greg Payne

Hauke Odendahl



Hugo V

Jan Trojan

Jerome W

John Groom

Joshua V

Julien D



Max Krieger

Max Rogers

Michael Gandolfi


Ned Shatzer

Oskar Landstroem


Ryan M

Shaun Dewet


Theo Hall

Tim Springer

Tobias Soresen



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» View all Agencies Show Packages here

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  1. Matimus says:

    Ned Shatzer!! Effing glorious man. Beautiful. Just beautiful.

  2. jeremydante says:

    i live & love showpackages. thanks for posting.
    + http://www.jeremydante.com

  3. Samira says:

    It’s damm shocking if you have a look on their package. All the guys (most) are already famour models. And that in Berlin. I guess Berlin is the new London, isn’t it ?

  4. Antonio Barros says:
  5. Val says:

    Ned Shatzer and Tao are great!!!!!!

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