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Next certainly has quite an impressive operation in Los Angeles, based in a cool white penthouse citadel on Wilshire Boulevard that overlooks much of Beverly Hills. As the Director of the West Coast satellite of the Next network, Alexis Borges has the priviliged position of steering a very stable and deeply funded ship towards constant profitablity. Even more interesting was the diversity of the Next board, the range of Alexis’ background and the clarity with which this Director could see the past and future of his company. Tune in as he discusses all this in detail with OTM.

Wayne Sterling:How did you end up as Director of Next LA Alexis ?

Alexis Borges: It was a bit of a surprise. I worked for Next in NY for 10 years and after a while I found myself growing out of the fashion part of the business. I realized it was time for a change. I felt then and I still do now, that fashion lost its “oomph”. Witnessing the shift in the industry from models to celebrities, I felt I was facing a “now or never” situation . So I decided to take the plunge and move to Los Angeles and apply my 18 years plus in the fashion industry to the West Coast.
I presented my situation to Faith (Kates) and Joel (Wilkenfeld ). I was fortunate enough that they felt they could use my knowledge and experience in their Los Angeles office. They offered me the position of Director and I have to say their support has been unwavering.

WS: I’m intrigued by your growing away from the haute-fashion scene. What pulled you to the modeling business in the first place?

» [interview continued on pg.2]

Click on the thumbnails below for a few samples from the Next LA board:

Next-Cody Horn

Next-Zane Holtz

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  1. necolet says:

    I like this photo because the look in her eyes and the wild hair

  2. necolet says:

    I like this photo because its shiny but not too bright and it also have this slight Native American Indian look to it. it looks like a old picture i like it

  3. Jesse8793 says:

    She is a doll and I just want to see her career grow.

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