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Lisanne/Elite New York, Joy Models,Nathalie Models Image courtesy of Elite New York

Lisanne started with a swift lift off in NYC which led to her Prada exclusive in Milan followed by berths in the Balenciaga show as well as an opening slot at Miu Miu. Suddenly this Dutch stunner is on the map as one of the most requested girls of the Spring 10 season. Add her impeccable personal style to the mix and her memorable presence and you certainly have all the makings of a future editorial star.

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  1. Erika says:

    Am I missing something here?

  2. i love rien i am parisienne says:

    another cool dutch girl. :)

  3. michael marsh says:

    I have one thing to say…..TOLD YOU SO!!!! TOLD YOU SO !!!!

    she is going to be a star!!!!!
    She is cool cool and amazing.

  4. marc says:

    i like her. she looks great!

  5. lanvinray says:

    Yeay!!! I knew she will make it :D Dutch invasion this season no? hehe

  6. Toni K says:

    You don’t see much here, so it means there’s something special why she got so fast start. And that means she can become big.

  7. ED says:

    This girl is STUNNING. In all the show she looks amazing. The face, the legs it’s WOW.

  8. darth020 says:

    Absolutely stunning !;-)

  9. that girl says:

    she looks even more amazing in person plus she has great personal style..love!

  10. JT says:

    The girl is definately special. Let’s hope that she is properly maneuvered to make her way to the top. She is simple, which is simply beautiful.

  11. Martyn says:

    Hi, this is what I’m talking about… A BEAUTIFULL WOMAN DO NOT NEED MAKEUP.

  12. lucy says:

    she doesn’t look like a model.

  13. Victoria says:

    I agree with Lucy.

  14. Mads says:

    boring.. sorry :/

  15. laumajewski says:

    Diaristaaaaaaaaaaa vem limpar minha casa oƓ baranga!

  16. SAID says:

    Trop Belle !

  17. Gary Fox says:

    There certainly a big difference of what a Glamour Model should look like and a Runway Model

  18. nickle khan says:

    she looks natural …

  19. pris says:

    oh come on, i meet this girl in milan, im with joy models also and shes nice like a person but shes a normal girl…. not like “omg i see here a big star”… i think theres another girls with something special… something different that can make they special in a fashion industry, but lisanne dont have….im sorry but its the way that i though…boooooring

  20. Allison says:

    She looks so much like Nicole Kidman in the face, I thought I was seeing a different version of her lol!

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