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Mirte Maas/Women Model Management Image courtesy of Women NY

It is a rare thing, but it happens. That is for a  first season girl to log massive  bookings in overlapping cities. It happened with Natasha Poly and now her agency mate Mirte is looking like a SS10 star. From her opening slots in NYC for Donna Karan and Alexander Wang as well as walking Marc Jacobs and Calvin Klein through to a flawless Milan season (Prada,  Jil Sander, Versace) there is no new girl with a more pristine runway run this season. Paris looms next but beyond that you can already feel all the great editorial and campaign forces polishing up their bids for this girl’s emphatic presence.

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  1. Ryan says:

    Yes i love her :) she looks like shes going to kill!

  2. Footrot Flats says:

    One word, eyebrows.

  3. Marquis de Lannes says:

    Un très beau visage!

  4. Vinciano says:

    Yes, it’s so rare that it only happened to Monika Jagiciak last season. :-p

    But in all seriousness, Mirte is definitely the real deal in the same vein as Monika. Her early print work is amazing and she looks stunning on the runway. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for her.

  5. Bob Ross says:

    Stunning girl, true presence and true beauty. I love that the industry has come full circle and is now back to finding girls who are beautiful AND dynamic. I expect Mirte to go the distance.

  6. Liv says:

    I don’t like her on the runway, she’s clumsy. Great editorial girl, though, so I guess she’ll outlive most of the other newcomers.

  7. Oleg Igorin says:

    She is amazing.

  8. kerry says:

    great girl! she has an amazing story in 125 magazine

  9. Amarilla says:

    I second eyebrows.

  10. Antonio Barros says:

    I’m curious to see her in Paris!


  11. christine g says:


    She’s a great girl to work with! Very sweet, lots of energy and enthusiasm. I’m glad she’s doing well!

  12. Gustavo says:

    she should close her mouth when shes taking a pic, its not the first time she does it! AGENTS PLEASE teach her how to do it!
    plus her eyebrows should be shaved a juuust a lil´bit! And her face features do look good!

  13. Thomas says:

    Not the most flattering photo of her, but from everything else I’ve seen, I already know she’s gorgeous. And I personally love her eyebrows, untamed can look very nice. She’s sure to go far, no doubt at all.

  14. Raoul says:

    She is in the new issue of Mirage Magazine out in October . Stunning Editorial …

  15. SAID says:

    SUPERFINE !!!!

  16. Marco Negry says:

    Yeah! So incredible, congratulations

    kisses by MN

  17. cc` says:

    She’s the next big thing!

  18. gabriela says:

    she is sooo beautiful !

  19. Luca says:

    yes she s very….special…she s got the look…

  20. mila says:

    and did you see her on GREY, italian new amazing magazine? shot by Wendy Bevan

  21. Joey says:

    She looks a lot like Malgosia Bela. I thought it was Mirte when I saw the ss10 Chloe campaign.

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