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Helena at Dactyl

December 16th, 2008 by betty
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Kenzo campaign photographer Yelena Yemchuk is so beautiful!

Kenzo campaign photographer Yelena Yemchuk is so beautiful!

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  1. your only nick says:

    What happened to you and your cousins? Waited for a long time to hear from you Yelena–gave up on your ideals because you were affraid–I got back together with isabella and we are going to get married. I also found out that Micheal passed away in February of 2008–I had just done business with him the year before, remember–everything has been changing with the family and the fighting.
    What about Mira? I was gonna contact him in San Francisco, California this year–was gonna see if I could contact you–contact me: bigkillercisco@hotmail.com, I will expect to hear from you soon enough. The last time we spoke was in February of 2007–had your photograph for the longest time–still have it stashed in some personal papers somewhere. The one you took for the New York Times in July of August of 2005; you looked great and prompted me to contact you right away.
    Well, I gotta go for now–I won’t attempt to contact you again–because I just stumbled onto this web sight while web surfing for information on your whereabouts. I thought you were a fashion model from Slovakia–from a small town near the Austrian border (near Viena)–I had no idea that you were in the United States. I thought you only came to the modeling shows with your girls. What a surprise to find out you are actually a photographer–a great one at that–don’t be a stranger and contact me. Isabella and I would love to hear from you so we can catch up–I went back to her–we love eachother even though we had both hurt eachother in the past. I made a mistake when I left her for Roxana; the grass was not that green on the other side–that’s my story and I’ll tell it the way I want it–say hello to the rest of your family. They backed me during my time of need. I still have several issues to negate but will triumph of course.
    I will be in the Bogota, Colombia area as soon a possible to see my friends and meet my fiancee’s family–she has a large family of seven (7) brothers and sisters–my love and I will marry through the church in Bogota, Colombia (we plan). We still have to ellaborate on the wedding costs for our families. I won’t tell of the justice of the peace ceremony here in the United States to formalize her citizenship papers. The fiancee visa application process and procedure is easy to comply with. The waiting period is usually a few weeks. Wish us the best of luck…I mean it didn’t quite work out for you and I, but I hear you are doing quite well for yourself and your boyfriend. Say hello.
    Gotta get going, don’t forget to let me knoe with a simple e-mail hello.


    your Nick

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