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VS Backstage 2008

November 19th, 2008 by betty
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Brazilian belle Emanuela. (pic: Paulo)

Brazilian belle Emanuela. (pic: Paulo)


  1. brucegisele says:

    keep representin us, mehana…. I know we got Adriana but Emanuella represents the other half of what Afro-Brazilians that is not really seen in the fashion in NY or anywhere else.

  2. Amresh M says:

    Hi, She has the chiselled face I have ever seen . One look at her and it says in my mind that she will go places.

  3. brucegisele says:

    I would to see more dark brazillians in the New York, Paris shows….

  4. Tacy says:


  5. MDC_356347 says:

    Beautifull hun. xx

  6. mariana says:


  7. eve says:

    what transformation???
    shes great, but no matter what you do to her hair and makeup she pretty much always looks the same. a very strong and angular face,yes. just the opposite of the sasha-gemma-vlada-snezana clones

  8. abram moro says:

    Wow she is great in her pink dress in fact no matter what she does with her beauty i just want to say she is pretty much look OK, she’s just the opposite of the sasha-gemma-vlada-snezana clones

  9. Robert says:

    Linda, Maravilhosa… sexy, ela sim merece ser uma Angel… se encaixa perfeitamente!!!

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