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VS Backstage 2008

November 19th, 2008 by betty
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All eyes on these beauties! (pic: Paulo)

All eyes on these beauties! (pic: Paulo)


  1. brucegisele says:

    where is jesscia white?

  2. Kitson says:

    where is sesilee

  3. MDC_350452 says:

    OMG look at those girls…so pretty i wish to be a Victoria secret model one day !!! they all look Amazing

  4. may says:

    why is only heidi wearing a top? not concious about her body?
    gorgeous pic!

  5. Santa says:

    i think Heidi is wearing top because they want her to stand out because she gave the announcement of the show dates, they all look stunning though!

  6. eve says:

    izabel and marissa, the crunches payed off!!! kk went the other way but so do a lot once in a while. would only take a few weeks of discipline to get her back to perfection :)

  7. eve says:

    if it takes a tee for heidi then marissa should do the job, c’mon she is representig the same type of women.

  8. sumaiya says:

    I wish I ccould be one of them!!!!

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