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VS Backstage 2008

November 19th, 2008 by betty
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How naturally gorgeous are Maryna, Behati and Abbey? (pic: Paulo)

How naturally gorgeous are Maryna, Behati and Abbey? (pic: Paulo)


  1. brucegisele says:

    why is ABBEY there, I like her alittle but…no Vickies girl, not yet. That only comes once a while when can get a girl on the catwalk and grown up in front of millions in a 1minute like Adriana did back in 2002. Karolina in her first showing.

  2. joyridejaunt says:

    Abbey is there cos she is hot and a little different. At least she isn’t just a boring clone like a lot of the other girls. She has attitude.

  3. brucegisele says:

    No, Abbey should not be there yet. noooo! but the rest of us will have to wait til the show airs. But I might be wrong. I think she should be there now. They could of gotten Georgina or Iris. Just because your of the moment does make one hot. She is not different looking she like every white girl in America. I’m surpirse they choose her, she doesn’t even walk well. But I know she has something…I never doubt that, but not a Vick’s Girl not this year.

  4. joyridejaunt says:

    Abbey is just so cool. She may not exude raw sexuality but that is all part of her charm. After all, not only Brazillian glamazons like to wear sexy lingerie. She is chic, modern and a little grungy and i think that makes her sexy and is a good image for Victoria’s Secret to project. Also, if Abbey Lee looks like every white girl in America than i will have to move there as soon as i can.

  5. Santa says:

    hahahahahahah Abbey Lee bad walker, sorry but that is so far from the truth that it is almost impossible for you not to be kidding! she is such a rock star. P.s Australian not american so she can’t just be like every other american girl when she’s not even that origin. i don’t mean to be of any offende honestly, but you are just being way, way to harsh!

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