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July 28th, 2015 by Irene Ojo-Felix
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Jacket, Pant, and Shoes – Proenza Schouler

It’s hard to think that summer will soon be coming to a close so use these images featuring the latest Pre-Fall collections as a welcome distraction. Shot by Stevie & Mada exclusively for Models.com, Pyper America – model, musician, & social media wunderkind explores the sprawling shores before the season changes over.

Photographers – Stevie and Mada, Styling – Jimi Urquiaga, Hair – Ryan Taniguchi (Jed Root), Make-up – Lottie (Los Angeles: Streeters Los Angeles, New York: Streeters New York), Model – Pyper America

Top – Celine, Pants – Marni, Shoes – Alexander Wang

Shirt – Prada, Skirt – Lanvin, Shoes – Marni

Shirt – Prada, Skirt – Lanvin, Shoes – Marni

Coat – Louis Vuitton, Dress – Fendi

Dress – Alexander McQueen, Coat – Miu Miu, Shoes – Alexander Wang

Jacket – Alexander Wang, Skirt – Alexander Wang

Coat – Balenciaga, Vest, Alexander Wang, Pants – Celine

July 27th, 2015 by Steven Yatsko
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Entering into the modeling industry can be a daunting, alien experience, one full of excitement, letdown, success and rejection. For the young models, many of whom are still in their teens, it’s a foreign affair, but it’s also a chance to earn a living, gain worldliness and encounter an industry full of creativity. That sense of emotional risk and self-investment is a brand new playing field for a lot of new faces. Established Models in London enlisted filmmaker Shawn Butcher to capture unscripted moments, following four of the models from their development board Oli Donoso, Tamirys Melo, Elizabeth Salt and Liberty Mann during a typical day. The result is a reflective short film called “New Faces” that quietly peers into the everyday life of the new crop of models.

Shawn provided extra insight, saying he noticed in each of the models that, “There was a sparkling optimism, a hope beyond hope, and at the same time an armor to deflect all “no’s” and critical eyes and the people who sat in silent judgement, the girl’s fate in their hands. The two emotions that were true of everyone in the mornings before a casting were: optimism and pragmatism. “I hope I’ll get it, but I probably won’t.” And the better the casting went, the more sure they were they wouldn’t book it.” And while the whole gig can be exhausting for those so young: career affecting casting decisions carried out on perfunctory whim, superficiality and insouciant rejections–there is the upside Shawn noticed, the part that makes it worth it, “They would light up the most when they remember booking gigs, getting to travel, when friends see them on the side of a bus, or share a link to a show they walked in. It’s a testament that they’re really doing this, finding success, in a tough industry where they’re one of a hundred girls to go out for a job – and that’s them in the photo.” Spending time with each model in their bubbles ultimately led Shawn to conclude, “My take away at the end of the week was that these are mostly regular kids, from different walks of life, with an opportunity handed to them. They have the same doubts and the same hopes as most in any line of work, and for every glamorous photo in a magazine, there is a regular girl who’d rather be in bed, just trying to do well at her job.”


Watch “New Faces” here exclusively on Models.com:



July 24th, 2015 by Irene Ojo-Felix
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Images courtesy of Streeters London

It’s all about gutsy artistry for this transformational beauty shoot shot by Christian Anwander. Featured in the Sunday Times Style Magazine, the editorial has model Aline Weber in far out there creations polished by the trained hand of Pep Gay. We spoke to the makeup artist to understand more on the elaborate shoot and the motivation behind the concept.

Tell us about working with Christian Anwander and the rest of the team?

Working with Christian is always a lot of fun for me and inspiring. He is very energetic and always makes the models feel comfortable enough to push them (the girls) to do unexpected things.

Joanne Blades is very intuitive when it comes to her fashion sense and is extremely creative and patient. Every time that we’ve worked together, she is able to bring the best out of me. Rolando Beauchamp and I have known each other for a long time now, so having him on the team always guarantees a lot of fun and a good days work. Last, but not the least, Aline Weber. What a pleasure it was working with her again! She understood the concept of the shoot quite fast and gave it her best. And her features take make up on amazingly well. Aline was so much fun and extremely patient through out the shoot. And what a beauty!

Where did inspiration come from for the shoot?

My inspiration for this shoot came from the power of transformation that fashion in general has on people. I wanted to show that through the make up, hair and with the help of beautiful designer pieces. One can empower women and transform them to become that “other self” that they may be dreaming of. I loved the idea, to show that we can take any girl and turn them into a different character. For centuries, face painting has helped turn people into something else that they were not, I love that idea. It’s very uplifting, positive and empowering.


Why the use of bold color to transform Aline?

Color has always played a big role in my work. Since my youth, I have been fascinated by color. At a very young age, I was aware of the existence of different color hues and not just the primary colors. And in my mind, I dreamed and played with the colors of all the things that were around me. Growing up in the Mediterranean, I looked at the sea and saw different layers and hues of blues. I played in the forest, imagined and day dreamed of all the diversity of colors surrounding me…so it was natural that color, later on in my professional life, played a very important role for me. I like the use of bold and strong colors on a make up look. And I love the idea of the playing and mixing of colors to come up with “new” shades of color.

What’s the key in keeping the beauty without it becoming too “theatrical”?

The idea of creating strong fashion looks that don’t fall into the “theatrical” category is really quite challenging. I think it is very difficult to have that balance between unrealistic and a beautiful look. I want to create looks and imagine that you can wear them on the streets. I often think about new ideas and I find myself asking, “Why not”? “Why can’t this be an every day look”? I want to show people that you can still have a playful attitude with make up, without looking ridiculous. And somehow be more playful than just putting on a new lipstick. I would love to see out there, in general, more open minded make up companies, more bold and playful make up advertising. I believe consumers want to feel more inspired and challenged, and I believe that it can be done in a more playful way.


How long did each look take?

The more elaborate looks can take up to 2 hours to create, but other looks just took about 45 minutes to do so. I am always thankful for the collaboration with the models that I work with. Without their patience, it would be impossible to go through the transformation that I put them through, I am always thankful and appreciate their time.

Which beauty products can’t you live without?

Lip balm, concealer and a good black pencil. With these three basic products, you can do an entire photo shoot. And you can most definitely transform someone with just one black pencil…I love that idea!

July 22nd, 2015 by Steven Yatsko
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How does Karlie Kloss, the modern supermodel, become even more quintessentially quintessential? The answer is starting her own YouTube channel “Klossy”. With as much social media clout as Kloss has, try 2.8 million Instagram followers, it’s big news for her ever-expanding brand. Since 2007, when the St. Louis-born model entered the scene while still in high school, her career has been a force of its own. The leggy, okay really leggy (6’ 1”), ballet beauty has strutted down the runway for virtually every top designer imaginable and covered multiple Vogues, 30+ at last count. But besides her effortless and instant walk to supermodel status, she’s also managed to translate that attention into something that keeps pinging on the non-fashion world’s radar. In 2012 her collaboration project with Momofuku Milk Bar gave way to Karlie’s Kookies, with proceeds from the sales of her cookies donated to FEED Projects. She recently left her two year tenure as a Victoria Secret’s Angel and begins studying this fall at New York University. Oh and she’s absolute besties with another American sweetheart and heavy-hitter Taylor Swift. Her YouTube channel, where she’ll upload special behind-the-scenes videos filmed herself, is the next phase in her mainstream visibility. Is her success paving the way for other models to have their names familiarized for the masses? Either way we love all things Kloss.

July 20th, 2015 by models.com
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Last Thursday was the last day of New York Fashion Week: Men’s and to recap Model.com’s men’s fashion editor, Jonathan Shia, highlights his favorite male model moments.

Tre Samuels and Hugo Villanova at Tim Coppens
Henry Kitcher at Orley

Sup Park, Lucas Cristino, Alexander Johansson and Adam Butcher at Perry Ellis
Samuel Roberts and Max Von Isser at Jeffrey Rudes
Ryan Keating, Flint Louis Hignett and Anthony Gilardot at Richard Chai
Roberto Sipos, Piero Mendez and Sup Park at John Elliott
River Viiperi at Thorsun
Roberto Sipos, Max Rendell and Jeremy Young at Todd Snyder
Piero Mendez, Abiah Hostvedt and Sup Park
Piero Mendez and Jonas Gloer at Richard Chai
Parker Gregory and Taylor Ashmore at Hickey Freeman
Paul-Alexandre Haubtmann and Felix Gesnouin at Robert Geller
Oli Lacey, Taylor Ashmore and Tom Barker at Todd Snyder
Michael Lockley, Hannes Gobeyn and Abel Van Oeveren at Billy Reid
Matthieu Gregoire and Tom Gaskin at Duckie Brown
Max Von Isser and Kyle Mobus at Ovadia & Sons
Malcolm De Ruiter and John Hein at Billy Reid
Mac Phiri, Eli Hall and Adonis Bosso at CWST
Ko Grimmer and Liam Little at Richard Chai
Lucky Blue Smith and Piero Mendez at John Varvatos
Kit Butler, Alexander Beck and Benjamin Benedek at Perry Ellis
Kacey Carrig at Hickey Freeman
Jon Shepherd and Jae Yoo at John Elliott
Juan Betancourt at Thorsun
Jeroen Smits and Alex Treutel at John Varvatos
James Stone and Laurin Krausz at Parke & Ronen
Jeremy Matos and Noma Han at John Elliott
James Smith and Alexander Beck at Carlos Campos
Jack O’Hara and Nathaniel Visser at Todd Snyder
Henry Kitcher, Abiah Hostvedt and Ilir Shanja at Tim Coppens
Jack Dalby and Gryphon O’Shea at Timo Weiland
Henry Kitcher and Benjamin Jarvis at Public School
Hannes Gobeyn and Daisuke Ueda at KATAMA
Greg France and Felix Gesnouin at KATAMA
After Parke & Ronen
Freddie Dennis an Piero Mendez at Tim Coppens
Felix Gesnouin, Anthony Gilardot, Baptiste Radufe and Hugo Villanova
Ethan James Green, Jack O’Hara and Tom Gaskin at Perry Ellis
Dominik Sadoch and Charlie Ayres Taylor, Robbie McKinnon and Tom Gaskin at Billy Reid
Dylan Bell, Charlie Ayres Taylor and Sang Woo Kim at Richard Chai
Dominik Sadoch and Kyle Mobus at PLAC
Dominik Sadoch and Ko Grimmer at Siki-Im
Diego Miguel at Thorsun
Chad White at CADET
Dane Bell and Nathaniel Visser at Perry Ellis
Benjamin Benedek and Clark Bockelman at Parke Ronen
Anthony Gilardot and Charlie Ayres Taylor at Siki Im
Alexander Johansson and Sang Woo Kim at Siki Im
Anatolii Samsonov and Gryphon O’Shea at Siki Im
Alexander Beck and Matthieu Gregoire at Ovadia & Sons
Alex Treutel, Jon Shepherd and Greg France at J. Lindeberg
Adonis Bosso and Anders Hayward at Ovadia & Sons

July 20th, 2015 by Steven Yatsko
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The first New York Fashion Week: Men’s wrapped up last week, coming to a close on Thursday. Miss it yet? Melodie Jeng was there to capture the male model action between presentations. Here’s some of the most stylish from the last two days.

Michael Lockley

Erik Andersson
Sung Jin Park

Tyson Beckford

Baptiste Radufe
Tom Barker

Adonis Bosso

July 17th, 2015 by models.com
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July 14- Show opener Sung Jin Park in Siki Im S/S 16.

Designer Siki Im | Styling  David Vandewal (Art + Commerce) | Hair  David von Cannon (Los Angeles: Streeters Los Angeles, New York: Streeters New York) | Makeup Sil Bruinsma (Streeters New York) | Casting John Tan

photos by Betty Sze for models.com







July 17th, 2015 by Irene Ojo-Felix
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The new range of beauty ambassadors are all riding the digital wave and aligning themselves with some heavy-hitting global brands. Estee Lauder has decided to embrace the Millennial demographic by joining two of its best-selling brands with popular bloggers Irene Kim, Tavi Gevinson, Margaret Zhang, and Hannah Bronfman. Kim will join Estee Lauder as its global beauty contributor while Gevinson, Zhang, and Bronfman will join the ranks of Clinique for their empowering #FaceForward campaign. These 4 young women are making their own rules and showing the outside world their own definition of greatness.

See the Clinique Face Forward campaign videos below.

July 17th, 2015 by models.com
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July 15- Show opener Anatolii Samsonov backstage in Tim Coppens S/S 16.

Designer Tim Coppens | Styling Tom Van Dorpe (Management + Artists) | Casting Samuel Ellis Scheinman
photo by Betty Sze for models.com

July 16th, 2015 by models.com
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July 15- Matthew Pitt backstage in Richard Chai S/S 16.

Designer Richard Chai | Casting Noah Shelley (Los Angeles: Streeters Los Angeles, New York: Streeters New York).

photo by Betty Sze for models.com

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