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December 23rd, 2014 by Janelle
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Charlotte Tilbury’s Supermodel Look comes together in one of our favorite beauty splurges of the year

Now that you’ve taken care of everyone else on your list take time out to treat yourself. Each of these decadent last minute treats is guaranteed to nurture your inner beauty addict or add a touch of luxury to every day life.

$290 at Net-A-Porter


In a perfect world you could wake up each morning and have Charlotte Tilbury (Art Partner) right there to help do your makeup, but unless you’re Kate Moss or Cara Delevingne that probably isn’t happening. Tilbury’s video beauty boxes offer the next best thing, a makeup set filled with goodies from her eponymous line and a step-by-step video wherein Tilbury shows you exactly how to create the look. If you’re feeling curious you can even check out a clip on Youtube of Charlotte at work.


$47 at Amazon.com


This seminal hair-art tome is filled with images you have to see to believe. What Palau is able to do with hair is nothing short of jaw dropping and Sims’ futuristic photography style pushes the boundary between high fashion & science fiction. This is a must read for all lovers of fashion, creativity or good ol’ fashioned great photography.

$195 at Sephora


Lippmann’s polishes already have a cult-following that includes everyone from Lara Stone to Sarah Jessica Parker, but she’s outdone herself with this jam packed set of 15 colors inspired by classic songs. With everything from the shimmering emerald of ‘Land of Make Believe’ to the glittery pop of Hey Jude, this music box is a keeper.

$185 at Neiman Marcus


What better than history’s most legendary fashion editor to serve as muse for an ultra-chic line of fragrances? Our favorite, the audacious “Simply Marvelous” an over the top blend of jasmine and sandalwood inspired by this Vreeland bon mot, ” “You know the greatest thing is passion, without it what have you got? I mean if you love someone you can love them as much as you can love them but if it isn’t a passion, it isn’t burning, it isn’t on fire, you haven’t lived!”

€69 at Odile Gilbert Creations


Expect nothing less than the best from Gilbert’s wearable art hair pins, each one capable of being worked into a million up-dos and top knots. The simple gold pin is a minimalist classic, but Gilbert’s pearl and crystal embellished offerings are the ultimate in luxury.

$110 at Aesop


Even the most commonplace activities become a treat when you give them a touch of glamour. Aesop’s keepsake box filled with hand care products puts a chic spin on basic grooming. When winter skin issues and grime are giving you the blues whip this out for a decadent pick me up.

from $20 – 839 at Beautylish


Quality makeup brushes make all the difference and for an idea of just how much goes into each of these handmade brushes check out the NY Times’ insightful visit to the brand’s factory in Kumano, Japan. Articles aside, proof is in the pudding and these are possibly the softest and smoothest brushes in existence – well worth the splurge.

December 22nd, 2014 by Janelle
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All photos courtesy of Emanuela de Paula

The travelogue is a time honored tradition and in the digital age it takes on new significance with talented creatives documenting their every move as they traverse the globe in search of unique experiences. One such talent is model and photographer Emanuela de Paula whose latest project, Manu by Manu takes readers into her world of fashion, food and exquisite locales. As an accomplished photographer, Emanuela captures trips from Santorini to the streets of New York, alongside thoughtful commentary in English & Portuguese. In addition, she shares homemade recipes, mouthwatering food snapshots and a bird-eye view of a globetrotting lifestyle; the combination proves irresistible and her well edited content selection puts it miles ahead of most lifestyle blogs. We caught up with the model turned blogger to talk travel, raw brownie bites and what made her switch to the other side of the camera.



When did you first start taking photographs?

About eight years ago. A friend gifted me with a film camera, and since then I have been in love and inspired to create beautiful images, just so I can capture unforgettable moments. The great thing about film is that you have to think about what you want to capture before pressing any button, and you won’t know how it will look until the film is actually in your hands. So it’s a creative, fun, and patient game. A while back, I heard that a new Leica “M9″ digital was being released, and I happily switched without hesitation, since I’ve been a Leica fan for many years now.


Coco Banana Flax Breakfast Bars

Have you always been interested in cooking?

My aunt is an AMAZING cook. I have always watched her make lunch, bake wedding cakes and desserts back home, but I was never able to do it on my own as I was very young then. So today, I feel very inspired by her and the memories of her food. Whenever I decide to work in the Kitchen, I ask myself what she would make first, and then I start cooking.


What made you want to document your experiences in a blog?

I love taking pictures – I feel fulfilled and excited every time I have a camera in my hands, and for a while I was even thinking about having an exhibition.

Recently, I realized that a blog would be something constantly alive and not just an “in-the-moment” event that shares my experiences on a temporary basis. Traveling also made me realize how important it is to get to know different cultures and countries, and now my intention is to inspire the others to do the same.

What is your favorite recipe of the moment?

Like everyone else I know, I’m a chocolate lover, and about a couple months ago I found a recipe for raw brownie bites that contains cocoa, dates, syrup maple and pecans. You can make it in 5 minutes, and now I cannot leave home without it. I now make some for all my trips!

What is the most magical place you’ve visited?

I have been to many magical places during my journeys. Thailand was a truly unique experience based on their culture, but I’m giving first place to Tulum. The amazing energy I feel when I’m down there is incomparable. And now I have also chosen it to be my second home.

Which blogs do you frequent?

Song of Style, The Coveteur, Janni Deler, and Goldfish Kiss.


How would you describe your style?

Effortless – I’m very simple. But at the same time, I make sure to have at least some details going on or something special to finish off the look.

What do you want readers to walk away with from your blog?

I want my readers to feel comfortable and connected, even though most of my posts focus on distant places. I want to make each experience accessible and inspire everyone to travel and experience the world.


MANU BY MANU / For more Manu check her out on Facebook / Tumblr / Twitter

December 15th, 2014 by Janelle
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Bella Hadid, Paul Andrew and actress Karine Vanasse / All Images Courtesy

How do you celebrate a phenomenal debut and a CFDA win? Just ask designer, Paul Andrew. Earlier this year Andrew became the first accessories designer to take home the coveted CFDA Fashion Fund’s top prize and in the time since his profile has raised considerably. Andrew’s shoes can be found on well-heeled editors, sophisticates and of course models about town and all three groups converged on the The Gordon Bar at the SIXTY Soho Hotel to toast his big year. Fashion insiders like JJ Martin, Edward Barsamian and Jane Keltner deValle sipped cocktails alongside models Grace Mahary, Bella Hadid and Damaris Lewis at Andrew’s fête, raising a glass to one of design’s most promising new talents.


Damaris Lewis & Grace Mahary


Cocktail time!


Brie Welch, Editor at Large of Garance Dore


Inside The Gordon Bar


Bella Hadid



Karine Varnasse


JJ Martin, Wallpaper Magazine Editor at Large and Paul Andrew


TK Wonder & Cipriana Quann of Urban Bush Babies


Glamour’s Fashion News Director, Jane Keltner deValle


Nicole Warne & Details Magazine’s Liam McKessar


Tomoko Ogura, Fashion Director Barneys New York & Jennifer Sunwoo SVP of Designer Ready to Wear

December 12th, 2014 by Janelle
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Beauty doesn’t have to be pink & pretty, some of the very best looks offer a hard-edged take on elegance. Inspired by the glam rock days of Bowie and T-Rex, makeup artist Erin Parsons creates an arresting series of beauty moments on the stunning Lina Berg. Contrasting Berg’s flawless skin with bold shapes of eyeliner and shadow, Parsons provides a modern take on the good girl gone bad with a look she describes as, “fresh, hyper realistic canvas emphasized by creations of detailed outlines and silhouettes.” Shot by Hannah Khymych the streetwise look comes alive.

Photographer Hannah Khymych
Makeup by Erin Parsons
Fashion by Gisela Lemos
Hair by Kayla MiChele at Streeters using Oribe Hair Care
Model – Lina Berg
Production – Kegan Webb
Studio – Fast Ashleys
Post Production – Local Color


Pale blue angles against dewy skin / recreate the look with Makeup Forever Aqua Cream in Pastel Blue


Precision lines look phenomenal when paired with bleached brows / recreate the look with NARS Eyeliner Stylo


Makeup artist Erin Parsons dubs Lina’s look “The contrast of realistic skin and rock and roll eyes.” / Perfect your skin with Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Flawless Fluide


Done yet undone hair for the authentic rockstar look / recreate the look with Redken Rough Paste


A burnished bronze eye accented with sharp triangles of gold / recreate the look with Glossier Liquid Foil Liner

December 11th, 2014 by Holly Miller
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Ava by Casey Brooks for models.com

When she’s not busy shooting major campaigns for brands like Givenchy, Theory, and Tommy Hilfiger, you can find the ever-gorgeous Ava Smith caring for foster dogs.

Working closely with the foundations Stray from the Heart and Animal Lighthouse Rescue, Ava has fostered 10 dogs so far from a no kill shelter in Puerto Rico called El Faro de los Animales. She and her boyfriend, Ryan Schira, recently made a special trip to Puerto Rico to work directly with the shelter and regularly volunteer at local adoption/fundraising events in the United States. The foundations do not have shelters in NYC, so they rely on fosters like Ava to take in dogs they consider ‘adoptable’ while they wait for potential adoptees to take them.

We caught up with Ava to find out more about the amazing work she has been doing outside the world of fashion, read more in the interview below..


Could you tell us a little bit about how you got started fostering dogs/ the work you’ve been doing?

—-I starting volunteering with a dog rescue group back in 2009 as a way to be around dogs without the full commitment of adopting a rescue. I looked at the ASPCA, ACC and The Humane Society in New York but settled on a much smaller foundation that seemed like it could use any help I could offer. I began by volunteering at events and helping with airport pickups – we’d meet the dogs that arrived from our main shelter in Puerto Rico (sometimes as many as 10 at a time) and would work out who could drive certain dogs and drop them off to their permanent or foster homes. We were like bus drivers doing a route, but with puppies, making drop offs along the way. At this time I also figured I could handle taking on a foster dog of my own. I’ve had over ten dogs in the last 5 years that have since been adopted and are now in forever homes.

It must be hard giving the dogs up after you’ve had them for so long?

—-Yes and no. You certainly bond with each dog individually but you also know the goal is to find them a home. It’s bittersweet; you’re sad to give them up but ecstatic they finally found a family.

Could you share some of your memorable stories/experiences fostering and working with Animal Lighthouse Rescue?

—-Each pup leaves us with so many memories, I could go on for hours with stories about each one-they’re like characters straight out of a book! I think the strongest memory I carry with me now though is that of the actual shelter in Puerto Rico, where each of those characters came from. It’s the “mother” of the dogs and finally seeing where they all came from explains so much about why they are the way they are. It’s a place that’s impossible to forget.


What was it like going to the shelter for the first time?

—-You can’t really prepare for visiting a shelter like El Faro. It is its own kind of entity, beautiful and sad, existing out of necessity and functioning out of the kindness of a few very dedicated people. It’s quite literally a haven in the jungle, where you have to drive up an unmarked dirt “road” to the top of hill where you’ll find clusters of small fenced in shacks with dogs in them. The more time you spend there, the more you learn about each individual dog and their sad story, and it’s forever imprinted into your life’s agenda. I don’t know that you can visit a place with such hope but limited resources and not want to do what you can to help. Being the only no kill shelter in Puerto Rico, it’s an incredible undertaking to try and find homes for every single animal, but you can’t ask for anything less. And that sticks with you.

How do you manage foster care with your busy schedule?

—-I think many dog owners would agree that the saying “It takes a village to raise a child” is perfectly applicable to a dog as well. You really need to have a good network of people close to you that can help out. My boyfriend Ryan takes on a huge responsibility when I have to travel because he becomes the single parent, while when I’m home we can split the responsibilities more. We have wonderful neighbors and family that step in if we both need to travel, and we work with a doggy day care, Camp Canine, in the event no one else is available. Most people like to help out; it’s for a good cause and I think where there is a will to support fostering and adoption, there is a way. If I can do it with my crazy schedule I’d think most people can, you just have to be committed to it.

What advice can you give to someone who’s thinking about getting a pet/dog?

—-Make sure you know what you’re getting into! Often people don’t think the decision through and aren’t prepared for the responsibility that having a pet entails. You may even want to try fostering one just to see how it goes. They are all adorable and worship you for taking them in and showing them love but your lifestyle and a specific dog’s needs must match up. Sometimes we focus more on a specific breed that we think we adore, but that’s shopping for a dog backwards. You wouldn’t marry someone purely based on their looks and the same goes for a dog; the personality matters! With that being said, I’m sad every time I have to give one up but I know that ultimately they are going to a place where they will be happier because we really focus on getting the right dog with the right owner.

There are tons of places in New York you can volunteer to walk dogs, foster or even adopt so I encourage everyone to google a few rescues and pay a visit!


December 10th, 2014 by Holly Miller
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#MDCGRAM fresh off the #VSFashionShow runway, Blanca takes us out for a cheeseburger! Directed by Kloss Films

December 9th, 2014 by Janelle
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Charles Jourdan Spring 1976 © Guy Bourdin Estate / Courtesy A + C

As one of the most respected and influential photographers of all time Guy Bourdin holds a special place in fashion history. His provocative and at times controversial work has stood the test of time, influencing everyone from designers and filmmakers to fellow photographers. Even though Bourdin is highly esteemed it is relatively rare to see his work exhibited, especially in as complete a manner as Somerset House’s current exhibition, Guy Bourdin, Image Maker. Featuring over a hundred of Bourdin’s best known works as well as paintings, polaroids and sketches from his archives the exhibition chronicles Bourdin’s career starting from his days as a protege of Man Ray and heading straight through 40 years of iconic imagery. With everything from Bourdin’s famous campaigns for Charles Jourdan, to his work from Vogue Paris and Bazaar.

This in-depth trip through Bourdin’s career offers guests a unique perspective on a photographic legend. We’ve all seen Bourdin’s best known work, but getting a chance to view his contact sheets and polaroids up close provides a treat. Moments that seemed off the cuff or spontaneous in the final shots were the result of careful planning and storyboarding. Seeing the multi-faceted nature of Bourdin’s talents also provides another layer; the overlap between the themes of his photography and his other artistic endeavors – especially his paintings and films – provides an appealing glimpse into the mind of a master.

View a preview of some of the iconic works on display below and visit Guy Bourdin, Image Maker at Somerset House from now until March 15th 2015


Charles Jourdan Fall 1977 © Guy Bourdin Estate / Courtesy A + C


Vogue Paris May 1970 © Guy Bourdin Estate / Courtesy A + C


Charles Jourdan Autumn 1979 © Guy Bourdin Estate / Courtesy A + C


Charles Jourdan Spring 1979 © Guy Bourdin Estate / Courtesy A + C


Charles Jourdan Autumn 1979 © Guy Bourdin Estate / Courtesy A + C


Pentax Calendar 1980 © Guy Bourdin Estate / Courtesy A + C


Charles Jourdan, January 1980 © Guy Bourdin Estate / Courtesy A + C


Charles Jourdan, Autumn 1970 © Guy Bourdin Estate / Courtesy A + C


Charles Jourdan, Autumn 1979 © Guy Bourdin Estate / Courtesy A + C

December 9th, 2014 by Holly Miller
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#MDCGRAM in the gym with River Viiperi! Directed by Kloss Films

December 8th, 2014 by Janelle
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Fashion photography will always be essential, but what happens when an artist pushes beyond the boundaries and utilizes cutting edge technology to create a truly inventive viewing experience. Kenneth Willardt (Exposure NY), the man behind some of the most striking beauty images in recent memory delves into fresh territory with the launch of his stylish tome, The Beauty Book. More than just a retrospective of Willardt’s sexy & star-studded oeuvre, the book serves as a groundbreaking multi-media experiment. As the first beauty publication to utilize Augmented Reality technology, The Beauty Book and its corresponding app take the coffee table book into the 21st century. The hidden videos, interviews or digital effects add another layer to the already elegant imagery making for a project that is truly more than meets the eye.

The Beauty Book will be showing at 558 Gallery

You’ve created so many incredible images over the years – How did you narrow it down what you wanted to appear in this book?

Kenneth Willardt: I finalized the rough layout of the book in one week using LiveEdit.com which really helped me with the editing process. I spent another month finalizing and fine tuning my edit for the book. It took 3 months to develop the app and the augmented reality content. This is just a sliver of some of my favorite images.

What made you want to have an app to accompany the book?

Kenneth Willardt: In today’s world we interact with each other visually through these mobile devices so it seemed an obvious continuation of what we did last year, with Size Does Matter. I wanted to bring the book into the present day and grab people’s attention through their phones which we are all addicted to.

What was it like working on the app portion of the project?

Kenneth Willardt: By creating the app, I wanted to achieve a multidimensional experience for the user. It was a great learning experience to make it easy for the audience to use, while still keeping the integrity of the complex technology, which were used to develop the augmented realty image recognition software.
Magic Media Group has done an incredible job of taking my ideas and making them into a reality. We already moved on to bigger photography project, which is going to include a lot more augmented reality for the audience.

What makes a portrait (or a subject) beautiful in your opinion?

Kenneth Willardt: The most beautiful portraits are always the ones when the subject is relaxed and confident in front of the camera so that they let their spirit and energy come through to the photograph.

Tell us about some of your favorite images within the book?

Kenneth Willardt: I’ve been extremely fortunate, to have experienced many incredible shoots through out my career. But my most memorable ones are by far, all of my shoots in Brazil and in Israel. Both of these countries have beautiful dramatic landscapes and are extremely rich in history.

Tell us a bit more about your involvement with Rescuers Without Borders?

Rescuers without boarders is an amazing NGO, who has been providing love and care through the past 10 years for families in need. It’s an honor to be donating 100% of my royalties from the book, to such a great cause.


Inside The Beauty Book


Karlie Kloss


Jennifer Lopez



Willardt with Gigi Hadid and Yolanda Foster


With Kemp Muhl


With Maud Welzen and Diana Moldovan


Download The Beauty Book App onto your smartphone, then hold your phone over each image and wait for special content – videos, interactive or interviews to appear 


Isabeli Fontana


Barbara Palvin


Julia Frauche


Victoria Lee

December 8th, 2014 by Janelle
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Soo Joo Park for Redken / Image Courtesy

If there ever were a model destined to serve as a hair muse it is Soo Joo Park. Since appearing on the scene the platinum blonde beauty has taken on new hair looks with fearlessness; whether she’s sporting waist length blonde locks, a gamine pixie or playing around with pastel colors, SooJoo isn’t afraid to experiment, take risks or start trends. It’s fitting then that she’s been named as the latest muse for Redken joining faces like Lea T and Sky Ferreira along with iconic hairstylist Guido Palau, which can only mean there is another hair transformation right around the corner.

How does it feel to be the new face of Redken and be called a muse?

Soo Joo: Really exciting! I am so honored to be working and have a partnership with an incredible and iconic brand like Redken. We have been working together for a few months and I had to keep the news quiet, but now it is finally out and so exciting. Hair has been a transformative and major part of my life. I can’t wait to share with everyone the products that really changed my hair.

What was your experience with Redken before you worked on this campaign with the brand?

Soo Joo: My first introduction to the products was through modeling and at fashion week. The legendary hair stylist Guido Palau, was the first person to use Redken products on me backstage for a show. At every show for fashion week there was always Redken product everywhere backstage.

What does muse mean to you?

Soo Joo:  Absolute inspiration. Being somebody that can inspire you. It is very positive.

What is next in your hair journey? Any upcoming changes or cuts?

Soo Joo: My next hair transformation? You will have to keep watching! Follow my Instagram @soojmooj to find out!

BONUS : Take a look back at some of our favorite Soo Joo hair moments over the years 


Sporting a chic bob + black cap combo during PFW / Photo by Melodie Jeng for Models.com


A dramatic platinum take on the classic ponytail / Photo by Melodie Jeng for Models.com


Long waves go perfect with this pastel fur / Photo by Melodie Jeng for Models.com


Center parted & sleek worn with a smile on the streets of NYC / Photo by Melodie Jeng for Models.com


Soo Joo’s latest look an edgy shag / Photo by Melodie Jeng for Models.com

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