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Why Not Model Management

image courtesy Hollywood Model Management
Daily Duo

Gisele’s breakthrough moment was booking the Louis Vuitton Cruise show in Palm Springs.

image courtesy Boss Models
Daily Duo

Uma Thurman-esque Janke is from the wine region of South Africa.

image courtesy Elite London
Daily Duo

English rose meets enfant terrible – that’s Alice in a nutshell.

image courtesy MAX Models
Daily Duo

Roan got into modelling after girls at school encouraged him.

Nicole / image courtesy Yuli Models
Daily Duo

Nicole was scouted after winning 1st place at a local beauty pageant.

Jordan / image courtesy U Models
Daily Duo

This self-confessed momma’s boy is a complete mitzvah!

Liam / image courtesy Elmer Olsen
Daily Duo

Liam takes male sophistication to a whole ‘nother level

Guillaume / VNY
Model of the Week

A champion boxer, Guillaume Babouin, 21, from Versailles, France, loves reggaeton, the beach, and chaussons aux pommes. He’s the latest newcomer to nab Model of the Week.

Ilco / image courtesy Max Models
Daily Duo

Dutch boy Ilco is a rebel!

Aleksandr / image courtesy Star System (1)
Daily Duo

Aleksandr’s grit is graphic!

Anna / image courtesy Frame Models (3)
Daily Duo

Anna is set to strut her stuff this show season.

Sam / image courtesy Ice Models (3)
Daily Duo

Model/law student Sam is aiming for world domination.

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